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  • Our site ( has about 5,000 posts. I am trying to do the cache build during very slow traffic times late at night, but since the process keeps timing out and I have to keep restarting, that conflicts with the need to sleep 😉

    Even though I have set the plug-in to only show related posts from the last 4 months, the cache seems to be indexing every post. This is likely a feature request, but could the plug-in instead index just the posts during the time period given for selecting the related posts?

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  • @tvbythenumbers – first question: when the build AJAX times out, try pressing the “try to continue” button… that shouldn’t restart it but try to continue in place. That said, if you keep the “on the fly” option on, even if you can’t build the cache completely, all the related posts will display and in fact it will spread out the generation of related posts over time so it may be better for your server.

    Second question: when you set YARPP to only give related posts form the past 4 months, that doesn’t mean that a post from 5 months ago will get no related posts. It means that that 5-month-old post will not show up in any posts’ related posts. The YARPP algorithm will still compute related posts for all of the posts you have, as there is a chance that that 5-month-old post will find a week-old post as a related post… does that explanation make sense?

    Yes, your explanation makes complete sense as to why it needs to index the entire site. Thanks.

    I did continue building the cache using the “try to continue” button many times and it did complete, and I only lost a bit of sleep 🙂

    Time-out is an issue for me too. It gets to about 84% and stops. I click the “try to continue” button but it does no good – pretty much aborts again right away. What am I doing wrong?

    the site –

    thanks for any clues –
    Tink *~*~*

    @belltinkr – if you can’t recover from the timeout, please try turning the “on the fly” option on and leaving it alone… as visitors visit all your pages (if they do) it will naturally build the rest of the cache over time.

    With the “on the fly” option on, there is no need to completely build the cache.

    thanks very much for the advice, will try it.
    Tink *~*~*

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