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  • @nrepair – it was a YARPP 3.1 issue, not a WP 2.9 issue… I just pushed a fix as YARPP 3.1.1. Please give it a try.

    While upgrading to 3.1.1 and WordPress 2.9 I’ve got a terribly slow response when using the preview post option. It takes a couple of minutes before it displays the page while prior to these upgrades it was instantly showed.

    With the mysql processlist it appears to be busy with the related cache:

    Copying to tmp table | insert into wp_yarpp_related_cache (reference_ID,ID,score) (SELECT 906, ID, (0+ (MATCH (post_con |

    After a while it starts optimizing, sorting for group, sending to net and then it starts all over again..

    The related cache has only 1200 records while the key word cache only has 300 records.. So it probably shouldn’t be this slow.

    Is this a bug?

    WP 2.9 and YARPP 3.1.1 – same problem like iqpascal. Nothing happens for minutes while saving / publishing a post. I had to deactivate it, too.

    It’s taking ages to publish changes to my posts as well. Not sure if it’s related, but I just reactivated the YARPP plugin before having this problem.

    @brasilonline you’re describing a differnt problem… @iqpascal described it being slow when displaying posts. Are you getting that as well?

    If you have “cross-relate posts and pages” on, turning it off might help.

    Hello – I too had problems that I think track back to YARPP. Yesterday, before the upgrade to 2.9 (I was at the latest 2.8), someone notified me that my feed was not working. I found an error indicating an out of memory situation. I tracked this for a bit, restarting Apache, MySQL, etc. Finally started disabling plugins one by one until it was clear YARPP was causing this. I deactivated it and the feed came back fine. I *just* upgraded to 2.9 and thought to reactivate YARPP, which I did, but then the feed broke again. Let me know if I can provide more details — the error was unspecific except that the feed contained nothing but a PHP error message indicating that the process had run out of memory trying to allocate some number of bytes to default-widgets.php.

    I’m experiencing the same problem when publishing / editing posts on the blog after upgrading to YARPP 3.1.1. Nothing is happening even after minutes of waiting.

    @jbleecker – try turning off related posts in the RSS feed.

    @ghacks – I’m looking into that issue now. Are displaying posts in wp-admin slow as well for you?

    I did not check this unfortunately and have since then switched back to the old plugin version 3.0.13 which is not having those issues.

    @jbleecker – also, regarding the feed, were you getting errors in the feed or was it just timing out?

    Hi all—I believe I fixed the issue in 3.1.2, of which I’ve released a beta. I’d appreciate some quick sanity checks:

    Actually brasilonline describes the same problem. It loads and loads while being busy with the database, when that is all done the page is finally displayed..

    Tried turning of the cross-relate, but it is still a lot slower than the prior version.

    Without cross-relate it takes about 1 minute to preview a page, with cross-relate on it takes about 3 minutes (with a full cpu load…)

    mitchoyoshitaka the download link is not working.

    @ghacks it’s working for me… please try again?

    The 3.2.1b works just fine (with cross-relate on) regarding the slow preview problems of earlier.

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