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  1. Thaya Kareeson
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm on plugin version 1.5.1. When I check "Automatically display related posts?" in the options,
    <pre> tags in my posts get garbled.

    For example, the following text in my post:
    <pre>blah blah</pre>
    becomes "adk89as930w93jra0we9cja0930001".

    The current work around is to disable this option and manually insert related_posts() to your theme file.


  2. @madeinthayaland – I'm not able to reproduce this behavior. Could you give me a list of other plugins you are using? Have you tried disabling other plugins as well when this was happening?


  3. Thaya Kareeson
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Actually, the a specific plugin(s) that causes this behavior are WP-Syntax and WP-Codebox.

  4. @madeinthayaland — Thanks for taking the time to identify the problem. I'll take a look at it before releasing version 2.0.

    One clarification, though: does this bug occur when all three (Syntax, Codebox, YARPP) plugins are enabled, or when YARPP and one of those two are on?


  5. This will be corrected in version 2.0, coming out in a day or two. ^^


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