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  • Sorry to hear this happened. I would suggest you first go to your YARPP options and make sure your settings are what you had them at, or rejigger them slightly, perhaps for example by lowering the match threshold. If you don’t see these options immediately, you can go to “screen options” in the top right and show “the pool” and “relatedness” options.

    It’s stopped displaying on new posts on one of my WordPress installations too after the recent upgrade.

    I’ve got thousands of posts – – but it only seems to be new posts affected.

    Nothing had been changed in my installation – it seems to have just stopped working on new posts (although there appears to be no problem on a near identical install here ) .

    @urban75 please try fiddling with the options, though, like maybe lowering the match threshold slightly. That may give it the kick it needs.

    Hi – cheers for the swift answer. The threshold tweak seems to have worked so far!

    New Yarpp user. New installation. Got the same symptom (“No related posts.”) after initial install.

    Based on this thread, I tweaked the match threshhold, and it all started working.

    It looks like this version does need a “kick” to get started.

    Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    I have the posts that eventually showed up after some time WITHOUT adjusting the threshold.

    However, I have another WP user here and we do not see anywhere to adjust the threshold within the Settings>YARPP.

    So where is this option to adjust the threshold????

    @dennispbrown the default settings are a little better suited for sites with a decent amount of content. Tweaking the match threshold is the right move.

    @blondishnet go to “screen options” in the top right to make the “relatedness” options display.

    I changed my threshhold to 1 and told the plugin to consider everything, but I’m still seeing no related posts on my newer posts, where there used to be lots. I’ve looked at all the options and I can’t think what could be wrong. I told it to look at any post published in the last three years, even if it’s newer than the current post, and I cleared the cache. I can see in the admin that these posts have related items that meet the criteria, but they’re not displaying on the frontend. Is there anything else that could be wrong?

    I’ve been having this issue with WP 3.3.1 and every version of YARPP since 3.3.3. 3.3.3 is the only version that works correctly. Every new post that I I publish no matter the settings will show no related posts, and it also causes issue with my theme. Each new release I give it a try and sure enough it stops working and I have to go back to 3.3.3. Don’t know what has changed since that release but something isn’t working well.

    I had exactly the same problem. It’s always saying “No related posts” and I had to reset the treshold, and it worked. However, it’s only a temporary fix as the “no related posts” problem come back once in a while, particularly when publishing a new post or when someone is publishing a comment on a post. Since I’m using YARRP on a network, it’s anoying to reset the treshold every day.

    I tried all the previous versions and the beta too, and the last version which is working correctly is 3.3.3 … It’s sad since I liked the fact that we could use custom taxonomy with the latest version.

    Is there any solution found?

    not working for me either on a site that has run it for a long time.

    tried all of the above, plus deleting the tables, deactivating, deleting plugin and reinstalling, nothing.

    Ended up having to leave it uninstalled for now and used a Contextual Related Posts plugin instead. Hope it gets fixed eventually, been using this for a long time.

    Same problem: No related posts for you.

    Any resolution to this? I have this same issue.

    Plugin is not working with WP 3.4. Any chances for fix?

    No related posts.

    Excellent tool, shame it’s not working.

    Any chance for update please?

    Yup, YARP is definitely DOA with WP 3.4.

    I’m using manually placed code with no template. Tried switching to auto and changing the parameters. All I’m getting is “No related posts.”

    It’s such a great plug-in. Would love to see a fix for this..


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