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  • hi, i’m having problems when i click on the buynow_button: i only get an error page but no redirection page. you can reach the shop at

    maybe anybody has a solution for me?

    thanks, L.

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    Well it looks like the item is added to the cart correctly but the redirect isn’t working properly.

    A few things to double-check:

    1) are you using PHP5

    2) have you checked whether any other plugins are causing incompatibilities

    3) do you have any non-standard rewrite rules (permalinks for example) that might be causing the problem

    yes, i’m usind php5 and yes, i turned the other plugins off and on one by one (no changes in the behavior of yak), but no, i’m not sure if i have any non-standard rewrite rules …

    yak is THE shop for my needs and it would be nice if it was running. 🙂

    hello, i think i’ve got the solution. i’ve installed the wp-blog into a subdirectory called /wp, i copied the index.php to the root directory and i have adjusted the path to that directory in the wp administration as well as in the index.php. everything’s fine until i click on the “add to cart” button: this button inserts an /wp that not should be there.

    i’ve rebuilt the permalink structure – nothing happend. but when i switched back to the former settings the button worked well.

    so, what can i do? i want my subdirectory as well as a short url like (and not is ist possible to make any adjustments on the yak files?

    thank you very much for the hint with the permalink …


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    That sounds pretty non-standard. Is there any reason why you’ve done this? Usual scenario is if you want wp served from the root, you install the entire thing in the root door. At least as far as I’m aware. Yak builds urls from base URL provided by wp – so I’m guessing that’s where the wp has come from (possibly in the wp_options metadata at a guess)

    ok, as i mentioned i moved the install to the root directory and the shop is running. i think it’s ok that way.

    i see there’s an update for the yak shop – is there anything i should do before i run it?

    thanks, L.

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    Nope. Normal upgrade.

    I managed to get rid of the 404’s thrown when WordPress installation url is different from the blog’s home page by editing the line 488 of yak-utils.php

    function yak_get_blogurl() //This originally sets
    $url = get_bloginfo('wpurl'); // the installation directory

    // changing it to:
    $url = get_bloginfo('url'); // the Word press blog’s home page

    In the original form the installation url and home page of the wordpress site had to be the same for the plug-in function correctly. After editing, these URL’s can be different and the plug-in hasn’t broken.

    Still observing though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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