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    I have a client who wants to be able to support ‘points’ as well as dollars…

    I’m thinking that the points might be applied as discounts — can yak do variable price discounting ?

    Basically, I’d want to be able to change the prices of items on the fly prior to checkout

    I’ll handle any coding needed to make it work — I’m just looking for either a ‘gut-level’ mightWork/neverWork (not that a beenThere && doneThat would be bad 🙂

    perhaps we’d have to do it in the cart to avoid mucking about with the stored prices of items in the inventory ?

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    Variable level? You mean like calculated as a percentage? Or something more complicated.

    yes, a percentage

    IOW: how/where would I tell YAK that for a given product (at that moment *) each point was worth an X% discount ?

    * I am not at this time planning any support for autonomous timeframes — only: this factor for that product from now until I say otherwise

    example: 2Pts == 1% off the green shamrock mugs

    how does YAK handle discounts at this time – I don’t want to ‘fight the framework’


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    Well where do the points come from?

    In terms of handling discounts, it can be activated for a specific code, or activated when the price goes over threshold. A promotion/discount can be set to a specific percentage or a fixed amount.

    Not sure I see how that would fit with what you’re trying to do…

    the points come from their system, their users accrue them in various ways

    by code (promo code?)
    by threshold (price)
    by promotion (percentage/amount)

    so if we use promo codes, then our users could exchange points for promo codes

    how many promo codes can be defined and how are they applied to the merchandise ?

    can one apply multiple codes to one item in the store ?

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    No limit to promotion codes. They’re applied to the entire code of the items in the order (or to the shipping cost, if a shipping promotion).

    No, multiple codes in one order isn’t currently supported.


    is there any way to limit the number of items in the cart to 1 ?

    can I pre-set [or limit] the usage of a promo code to a single particular item ?

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    Well you can turn off quantity input in the cart. Which would limit the number of items per product. But there’s no way to limit the total quantity of items in the cart.

    Yes you can limit a promotion to a single item.

    ok – this is all good

    I think I can avoid the need to limit the cart as the promo code can be limited to a single item


    (now all I need is for the client to sign on the line for the job !)


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