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  • Before I install and try out yet one more plugin to find out it doesn’t do this, I decided to pose a question first.. Does Yak support FREE downloadable products???

    On my site I want to offer a few (less than 10) free and paid downloadable products.. I would like to use an e-commerce program so that I can collect the payment for the paid downloads and track who has downloaded the free items without needing TWO plugins to manage the free products.

    <mini rant-observation>
    Seems like none of the WordPress e-commerce plugins properly support free downloadable products. and before anyone suggests WP e-commerce, WP E-Comerce is no exception.. The manner in which free or paid downloads are handled is done using the most awkward and inconvenient workflow.

    The WP e-commerce program requires the shopwoner to accept the payment before the download is made available to the buyer. This makes NO sense — if the product is free or paid via PayPal, or (where the payment receipt can be confirmed), the plugin should make the download immediately available. For small sops this may not present an issue, but for busy shops this adds an extra step that shopowners should NOT have to make.
    </mini rant-observation>

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    I’m afraid not. The problem is that zero-priced products is a pretty edge-case scenario (in over 4 years, I’ve only had one request for handling free products).

    YAK automatically sends download emails when payment is made (no need for the shop owner to do anything), however it bypasses the payments gateway if the order total is 0, but the email containing download emails is not sent until the notification is received — and obviously, in this case, it won’t be.

    Thanks for the response.. I ultimately decided to use the WP Downloads Manager plugin with some modifications to better support user registration (which is why I wanted to use an e-commerce solution for this). This will cover my free downloads. I will use an e-commerce plugin for the paid downloads..

    This is not my ideal solution as I wanted ONE solution to handle both paid and free downloads. My only option for this is to use Zen Cart, or Magento which does support this functionality out the box..

    Trouble is that for this site I need more CMS than e-commerce.. Though I could make Zen Cart work, in the end it’s a lot less development time to use WordPress for this particular site..

    Anyway again.. thanks for the response.. 🙂

    Sorry but the next release of eShop can now handle zero priced orders.

    @jrbiggs – I added in a check, and if the value was zero I used the Cash gateway routines, as opposed to whichever one the customer actually chose. Not ideal, but I had to add something in for when I release discount codes for amounts rather than just percentages.

    Sorry but the next release of eShop can now handle zero priced orders.

    @rich ‘elfin’ Pedley – Well I look forward to testing this out when the next eShop release comes out.. (I have used it on two of my client’s sites) Unfortunately I won’t be able to use eShop for this site as I need to launch this site now, and I need to finalize the plugins. Plus eShop does not support USPS or UPS shipping which I also need for this particular site.. (which is why I was inquiring about Yak for WordPress)

    This may be a rare request, but nevertheless I am working on such a site now. I actually found it quite easy to modify Yak to allow for free products.

    Working from the latest (2.3.4), check out line 2853 in yak-for-wordpress.php:

    if (!empty($prod) && (!empty($prod->price))) {

    Simply change that to:

    if (!empty($prod)) {

    …and really that seems to work just fine.

    I’m just beginning to work with Yak, and my requirements are pretty unique, but it’s extremely well-written and organized, and thus, easy to modify. Kudos to the developer! Hope this helps.

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