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  • Plugin Author RavanH


    Currently I see a problem with your WP-Super-Cache install:

    WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The path to wp-cache-phase1.php in wp-content/advanced-cache.php must be fixed!

    Let me know if you still get the 404 after fixing the path to phase1.php (probably in your /mu-plugins/wp-super-cache/ folder) …

    I checked the path and it looks correct. However, I upgraded to the latest Super Cache Plug-in this morning. I’m not sure if that was before or after you checked.

    The path seems correct and I don’t see that message. Where to you find it?

    Currently most of the sub-domains and the root domain work:

    However, some important sub-domains are still giving me a 404 error.

    What could cause some sub-domains to work and other not work?

    Plugin Author RavanH


    WP Super Cache seems correctly installed now so that cannot cause the problem… I frankly have no idea why it would work on some blogs but not on all. Any plugins running on those that give the 404 that are not on the others?

    Are you using WP 3.0?

    Could you install XML Sitemap Feed in the normal /plugins/ directory and then activate it on the sites that give the 404 to see if that changes anything?

    When activated Network Wide (or Site Wide on WPMU) from /plugins/, the plugin should work similar to when installed in /wp-plugins/ plus you can upgrade much easier 🙂

    I removed the XML Sitemap Feed from the mu-plugins folder, reinstalled it in plugins and network activated it. Some of the blogs produce a nice sitemap others still produce a 404 error. Here is an example: produces a 404 error

    but produces a sitemap

    I believe I’ve checked everywhere that an old sitemap could have been cached, but I’m not sure. I’ve cleared my browser cache and WordPress Super Cache. I’ve scanned the blogs directory to see if there is an old sitemap in any of these directories. They have all been deleted.

    I’m not sure what to do at this point.

    Plugin Author RavanH


    It’s a puzzle to me too, I’m afraid… What if you disable it on every other site and only activate it on Does it still produce a 404 there?

    And are there any other plugins running on indianapolis-indiana that are not activated on indianapolis-photos?

    Anything in the error logs on the server on the time of accessing a sitemap or activating the plugin?

    Hope to find anything to work on because I have never seen this behaviour…

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hey, just thought of one last thing you could try: go to Settings > Permalinks on a site that gives the 404 error for the feed URL. Then resave the permalink structure. Then check you sitemap feed URL again…

    Please let me know if that changes anything.

    EDIT: Ah, I see you uninstalled XML Sitemap Feed. If you don’t find another plugin that works on your blog, please give the tip above a try. I’m pretty sure that could be it, because I was able to replicate the 404 behaviour on one of my own sites after messing up the permalinks…

    That worked on every blog that was going to a 404 error instead of the sitemap. The only one that did not fix is which goes to a blank page with the word done at the bottom left of my firefox browser.

    This blog has, I think, over 6,000 posts. Is that relevant?

    RavanH, I have created a separate post for the problem on because I don’t believe it is caused by the same problem as this one.

    Thank you so much for the fast response and productive idea. It worked like a charm. I’m about to add your sitemap plug-in to another 100 blogs.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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