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  • I also tried with standard method by installing under plugins folder on wpmu, the same error returns. If feed template gets fixed, this would be a wonderful plugin.

    I am running this plugin on WPMU 2.9 and it has been tested on 2.8.4/6 before. In fact this plugin is designed with WPMU in mind so I’d be surprised if in 2.8.5 there would suddenly be a problem.

    Can you provide me a link so I can have a look at the output, maybe?

    Oh, and when/where do you get this error?

    If you point your browser at you should see a list of your posts and pages. If you point your browser to you should see a line that tells the Sitemap location. And if you add the URL to your Google Webmaster Tools account, it should tell you how many pages are found and indexed…

    Is any of this not working for you, than clearly something went wrong.

    Thanks for the support, but I’ve switched to another plugin.

    I am using your plug-in with WPMU 2.9.2 and am obtaining for the other blogs that are not in root the same error, in locations like this:

    I have no robots.txt file since have no idea how to do one but i tried to submit sitemap URLs by hand in webmaster tools.


    I have no experience with WPMU in a subdirectory setup, only subdomain setups so I cannot really say what’s going wrong here. WP seems to ignore the template file included in the plugin package. No idea why at this point. Which version are you using? The latest 3.7.3 or an older one? There is some difference in the way the feed template is set up in these versions so please be sure to upgrage to the latest 🙂

    About the robots.txt file. I suppose WPMU in subdir setup will not create one (not sure but I can see reasons why it wouldn’t) so you would be best off creating one yourself. But then you will have to manually add each sitemap location…

    As far as I can figure out, the message “ERROR: sitemap is not a valid feed template” can ONLY be triggered by the absence of a do_feed_sitemap action. Version 3.7.3 of the XML Sitemap Feed plugin adds exactly that action. Please upgrade first.

    If you keep getting those messages ( so that action is still missing ) I can only explain by saying “the plugin is not activated on that site”…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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