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  • Thanks for the plugin, but why in the world does it make the site soooo sloooow? The pages don’t even finish loading – the loading indicator in firefox just keeps going in circles, forever!

    Thats with just two maps in two different posts. Imagine a site full of maps!

    Anything to do about this? Why can’t we just embed the damn Google Maps iFrame as easily as we would embed a YouTube video in a normal HTML page? There’s gotta be a better way =/

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  • You can! But without this plugin! If you’re using My Maps from Google Maps (and save your created maps here) you can paste directly HTML into your post (link>paste HTML to embed in website). I think with some maps on the same page it gets even slow – this is Google Maps with a large Javascript API.

    Otherwise: if you’re using GPX file that get parsed by the plugin, it is clear that for a file of about 1mb it needs at least 1mb of memory (shared hosting sometimes allows even less than 1mb). If GPX parsing passed fast or you’re not using GPX files, then it is the Google Maps API that is slow and not the plugin! So you have to put your request to the Google Maps API Coder…

    Thanks for the information. Maybe I am not using the plugin correctly – when I use My Maps to find the map I want and I right click the Google Earth button to copy the link, I then go to my WordPress post and type “maps” and try to attach the link to the text. This does nothing except create a link.

    The documentation with this plugin is very poor. At least the English part.

    Sorry I forgot to mention, when I use the link from My Maps and try to use XML Google Maps to display it, all that shows up is a map of the entire world, not the actual map I pasted.

    I’m asking you again: Why are you using this plugin instead of copy&paste html code directly from My Maps into your post! Just wondering…

    I guess I wasn’t using the embed option because it doesn’t work well with the Visual tab. For example, when you switch back to the Visual tab from the HTML tab, the map is removed from the post and all that’s left is the “Larger Map” link.

    The solution to this issue is explained and solved here. But then I though I should try an actual plugin…

    SO, I tried the plugin and still can’t get it to work right. I think I am doing something wrong but I can’t find concise enough directions to figure it out.

    I really need the ability to add google maps to my posts without it slowing the site down too much.

    Do I have to have Google Earth installed on my computer to use this plugin?? I still can’t get the links to work

    With the actual development version you can activate caching…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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