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  • Firstly i’d like to thank you for an amazing plugin, just what I was looking for!

    I just had a few feature requests and a small problem I hope you can help me with.

    The problem, I recorded a track this evening and uploaded it to my site to properly test your system for the first time. I set my GPS program to take a record every second so I ended up with a lot of points in my GPX file (around 1000). I uploaded the file to the website and I set the checkpoint interval to 3. When I viewed the map it only shows one checkpoint every 3kms for the first 6kms but from then on it shows them all, one taken every second. Then in the speed table it just gives “NAN km” for partdistance, partspeed and distance.
    Any ideas?

    Now my feature requests, I don’t know if any of these are easy/possible at all but I thought I’d thrown them out there. Firstly, is it possible to change it so that you can add more than one GPX file onto a single map? I’m going on a road trip this summer and would like to have a GPX file and map for every day in my posts but then I would like a map with all my files showing together on it, showing my entire route so far. I guess I could just copy and paste the waypoints from all the GPX files into one big one but its not the prettyist solution!

    Secondly, would it be possible to hover your mouse over a point on the speed chart or elevation chart and have it show where that point is on the map? Or if that’s not possible could hovering over a point show more details about the point, like exactly how high/fast you were going and the co-ordinates of the point and time you were there?

    Thirdly, I believe that there is a 1mb file size limit in the API. Would it be possible to automatically reduce every xth point in a GPX file until it is down to under the 1mb limit. This would be especially useful if you managed to do my first request where you would be combining a few GPX files.

    I hope I don’t come across as demanding or ungrateful, I love the plugin an will be making a donation as soon as I get this problem with the waypoints showing!

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