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[Plugin: xili Post in Post] url's possible?

  • I’m trying to get certain widgets to appear on certain pages. I have plugins which produce content on something that looks like a page or post, but has no page or post id. So I never know how to id these “pages” except by the url which displays. Is it possible to make a url conditional? If so, I may be able to use conditional shortcode to produce the widgets where I want them..


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  • YES or NO, I am not sure if the contained post contains only URL…

    For future, please use the forum of dev.xiligroup.com :


    Sorry, let me try again,

    Theses are pages in buddypress, the members profile. I don’t know if the activity or members page has an id like a regular page or post, so I wonderefd if I could use the url as an id.

    If I have another topic I’ll post it on your site, I tend to avoid plugin author forums as they are often difficult to navigate, wheras I’m somewhat familiar with this one.

    The xiligroup forum is based on BBPress and easy to navigate and for author has a big advantage… all the infos are put together to be read and answered…

    For the core on your question, option url instead id is forecasted in roadmap.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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