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  • I tried the forums here and cant register for some reason.

    I have a custom theme that I developed. I have made sure to use __() and _e() functions everywhere in the theme. I have installed xili-language and xili-dictionary plugins. I am Looking for an article, wiki or tutorial on how to proceed.

    I have already been to the wiki for this plugin and cant seem to find what I am looking for.

    What else needs to be done on the theme side? How do I test the translations to make sure they are showing correctly? Is there a url param that needs to be used to preview or for links in the header to switch between languages?

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  • Okay so after reading through the official wiki here. It seems like I need to create an initial translation .po or .mo file. Then I can add my own text domain.

    I was thinking that xili-language plugin would take care of this for me. Why translate the theme if the plugin will do it for me was my thought. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    I did find out how to add links for the user to switch between languages but it only works on the home page and I get 404 errors anywhere else. I must still be missing a step somewhere that I haven’t completed yet.

    Last question when going through my theme I have used __() and _e() functions for localization, but didn’t do the text domain as stated above. Can I use xili-language plugin for this or as I said above do I need to still create my own language files.

    Plugin Author Michel – xiligroup dev


    Thanks for your questions… As we say in french “poser la question, c’est déjà trouver la réponse !”. (question is already to find the answer)… and you find the wiki…

    xili-language trilogy try to follow the WP (core) rules. And currently themes have their own text domain as show in initial default theme (kubrick) or twentyten or twentyeleven.

    Since his initial creation more then 4 years ago, the plugin is the first to use taxonomy (language) and switching of .mo file to adapt the theme items to the language of the current displayed post(s). It remains free for all (but not the professional support services indeed).


    The last add-on to create multilingual forums with bbPress 2.1.2 is another confirmation of this original approach – see

    Multilingual area is huge. Hope you find your happiness 😉

    .po and .mo are needed to translate words contained in the theme files, this is not always necessary – but it is handy for sentences like “Read more”, “Edit”, etc. This can be managed thanks to an other plugin xili Dictionnary. Xili Language is to create content (pages and posts) in different languages – this is different.

    gmoralaes, I had already read that in the codex. But was trying to see if I needed to first create my own .mo or .po files for the theme in order for xii-dictionary to work with the theme.

    Michel, my issue with the plugin is the lack of tutorials. Step by step instructions would have been help-full and worth paying for. This seems like the ideal plugin for multilingual sites but I cant waste time researching.

    Maybe I am just not looking in the right places, but the wiki and forums have been little help so far. Thanks for your responses.

    I will revisit this plugin at a later date.

    Plugin Author Michel – xiligroup dev


    Currently, localizable themes (free or commercial) are delivered with pot file and .po files for targeted language.

    If you create you own theme (as a localizable or translation ready)… As developer (like other theme’s developer) you have to create the .po file attached to the theme…

    Instead of editing line by line the .po file, poEdit is a free desktop tool to do that (not very friendly) 🙁 by scanning files of a folder containing files of the theme.

    After your experience, you can also publish and contribute by writing a good text…


    If you need to win time, xiligroup is able to provide training with affordable fees 😉



    Did you solved the problem with 404 error?
    I have same issue, and i cannot find any solution for it.

    The best way for support (with providing more infos on your current install) is to use support form included in xili-language settings dashboard.

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