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  • Your question must completed ! On which elements do you want to choose the language ? in which conditions and when ? Title of a widget, content of a menu, the world is large and depending on the focus of your site.
    Two examples :
    if in your template, you have an untranslatable title, don’t provide the translation in of your theme for other languages, it will ever the same.

    In a categories list, you want that one category’s title (and his description) be display ever you mother language, don’t translate it or better with the hook (if you are php skilled) create a specific function for the categories with your site conditions – All basic functions of xili-language functions are hookable (filter or action).

    Describe more precisely your needs, and I hope to guide you !

    hi michel,
    what i meant was which code to insert in the templates to make the translations visible?
    I have the theme and WP mo files uploaded, but cannot seem to locate in your documentation what code to put where to make translations visible.

    Currently, present categories_list in sidebar are automatically translated if your .mo file contains all terms (or use xili-dictionary to update it)… (no need to add template tags)

    Use comment part of post here if you need direct help.

    Here are three useful links :


    I installed it but I think it is not gonna help me anyway. I have a website in English in WP and I want it to be completely turn to Turkish when a user chooses it.

    However, I think it is impossible to turn my static pages into Turkish. I will probably need to install another wordpress to make it possible.

    What about the B2evolution? do you thin that is good way to go there?


    xili-language is able to change theme’s language if the post (static page or article post) but not able to translate content by itself… If a post is in turkish, and if the theme folder contains a turkish .mo file ( = translation of terms of theme) the look of the site will full in turkish !

    Don’t hesitate to use !

    dev team

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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