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  • Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    Hi there! The WP MU migration is a little bit more complex, the plugin can restore the WPMU installation files as well as database data, however it will only change the main domain name, if you plan on changing domain names for each install on the new host, you will need to do that manually.

    Let me know if you need more details

    Ovidiu – XCloner! Support team

    Thank you for your clarification and quick response.

    Does anyone know what I have to change manually?
    Or that I edit and tables that are to blame MU not work when changing to a Cpanel Plesk system or vice versa?

    Has anybody seen this situation once and did something about manually editing the database?


    Milan *



    I also had a similar question –

    I’ve used xcloner to clone a website, which was great – the wp settings to access correct URL and database were done nicely.

    However, the new database, populated with the old database’s data, has references to the old URL in it. This is really bad.

    I wanted to know if this is something xcloner will fix in the future? At present, it means I have to go, open the dump in a text editor, and replace every old URL reference in the dump file with the new one, then re-import that modified dump file into the new database.

    I must say this plug-in is awesome — i have NO idea why more plugins like this aren’t available since making clones of websites is absolutely necessary if you maintain a DEV and WWW version. Thanks for all your work!



    Once you try to do something similar to a database … URL edit all of the old system and update the new URLs using text replacement.

    But I worked, we know why .. perhaps escape me something or do something wrong. Finally I had to keep a system unable to Cpanel migration.

    Will try to do some testing when I have some time.

    thanks milan.chotai to tell your experience with it.

    Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    XCloner does not alter the database, so if you have any url’s hardcoded in your database, you might need to adjust them manually, XCloner does however replace the main site config url’s inside the wp-config.php file by using the wordpress RELLOCATE option

    Hope it helps! Ovidiu

    Milan *



    Does the relocate feature affects any path values used by plug-ins, etc., that aren’t stored in the database? Basically I’m wondering if I need to do a search/replace on all files in my back-up TAR to replace any paths it finds – or does the RELOCATE override these values so to speak?

    Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    If the paths are stored inside separate config files(other than wp-config.php), then probably no, you might need to adjust those values manually or through search/replace


    Milan *


    Cheers again for being so prompt in replying / explaining! :]

    I would humbly suggest [or at some point offer to contribute myself] this additional functionality so the intermediate / manual steps aren’t required:

    [1] Replace references to old URL in the dump file prior to importing; and,
    [2] Replace references to old URL in all files after copying.

    This would provide the solution I sincerely feel most WordPress users require.

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Liuta Ovidiu


    I feel that this Search and Replace plugin might suit your needs for the database data, i am pretty sure most of the data that needs to be replaced is there and not within the files, for most sites….

    Hope it helps! Ovidiu

    Jay Collier


    +1 for the search-and-replace plugin.

    I have been usng it for a while for similar functions, and it has worked very well.

    Milan *


    Cheers xcloner. Unfortunately, my needs require the strings to be replaced within the archive file, not the active database.

    My scenario is likely akin to most people. I usually create a WordPress installation (single site not network) and customize / set-it-up as required for launch.

    After launch, I require a tool to replicate the website at any point so I have a development environment in which to either create plug-ins / themes or do performance testing.

    I find XCloner fantastic for this because it easily creates a clone and then asks for the new URL and database to use. All that is left is to ensure all references to the old URL within plug-in configuration files, themes and the MySQL dump file are changed.

    If this were possible as an additional step in the xcloner backup process it would be ideal.

    Thanks again for a great plug-in!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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