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  • Plugin Author Jonathan Labreuille


    Glad you like it 🙂

    Just as a question: what kind of spam filter does the free version have? Because without any anti-spam, it would not be a functional platform..

    Plugin Author MailPoet


    You can use our mail-tester as much as you want for free:

    In the Premium, it’s simply integrated in the user interface. Makes it faster, that’s all!

    What I mean is if there is any spam checker for robots that might fill the email field with spammy/bad-for-reputation data.

    Until now we didn’t received any complains about spam subscribers that went from our subscription form.
    Of course our subscription form have some anti-spam security solution, and it works great so far 🙂

    The only thing is to not be penalized by Elastic Email / whatever SMTP provider for those who insert wrong email addresses (by mistake or not). As they are not to be register to the newsletter, it should be no penalty, it is not my fault they insert it like this.

    While I’ve moved on from ElasticEmail now and using a better provider, there is indeed Spam subscribers and it’s a fact of Internet life unfortunately.

    For starters, you can try the complimentary Wangguard/Wysija plugin that should help minimise bots – you still can’t stop the manual buggers though unless they’ve been reported to WangGuard.

    Thanks Martin! I have some questions:

    1. Can you please expain what you mean by a better SMTP provider?
    2. Are you using Wangguard and it works well enough? I am trying to avoid ham being blocked (false positive), it would scare people and I could see in the support section of Wangguard that it happened at least once.



    1. I now use Mandrillapp which gives you 12000 free email sends per month which is wonderful. Much lower cost over that point compared to other services I’ve comnpared too.

    Their support is great and responsive and helpful. Integrates reporting into WP as well as working with all my other stuff flawlessly – and they also provide a templating system too which allows me to ditch the ‘WP Better Emails’ plugin so all my standard WP emails are branded and HTMLified

    2. I use WangGuard and WangGuard for Wysija – the latter doesn’t yet provide any reporting on what that plugin has trapped so I can only give you a ‘feeling’ that it has done some good.

    I still get obvious Spammy singups which are Unconfirmed and I delete myself after a few days – housekeeping.

    Just had a look on Mandrill, it really seems to be great. Does it allow all that sort of options and integration like Elastic Email?

    I ask this because Elastic has a API integration with Wysija and all I have to do is add some simple data and it works

    Does it allow sending signed emails from @mydomain? (SPF, DKIM)?

    All that and more – these guys come from MailChimp actually

    I have SPF and DKIM all set through them.
    They are fully API driven

    Probably the last question: how did you integrate Mandrill? 😀 Does it work out of the box or I need some other plugin/tweaking?

    Thanks a lot! Elastic email limitation for now at 50 email / day is what blocked me from sending newsletters already.

    Get a Mandrill account and do your SPF and DKIM – it has a great interface to check them for when they’re ready to use.

    1. Look for wpMandrill plugin for your WP emails
    2. Configure the Wysija SMTP config in much the same way as EE
    then you’re set to go.

    You’ll probably eventually want to style your plain-jane WP emails to use HTML and then insert useful links in those email. Obviously you might not either but I did as it’s another way to advertise affiliate links, my shop etc. The Templating took me a little while to suss out but with the help of their support, I just created a HTML template and inserted some ‘content’ tag and I was all set – freaking beautiful and 12000 per month free emails.

    Recommended definitely and works great with Wysija too

    Great! 🙂

    I guess wpMandrill is not necessary for Wysija, but it might be a good idea for routing all notification email through Mandrill. For now I will just move the newsletter to Mailchimp SMTP server and maybe even send the first real newsletter 😀

    Thanks a lot, Martin, your help was at the right moment!

    All good, mate.
    I would suggest wpMandrill too because you want the same safe delivery of your WP notices like new user etc
    Good luck!

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