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    Hi there, great plugin!

    1. There’s a issue, when someone receive an email, the email has the links encoded in base64, some links work but others dont. when I try to open a link from the email, some links normally makes base64 to a normal link, but other links remain in base64 and of course does not load the post/page content.

    2. I think there’s a better way to show articles in the design templates, not the content but the extract, I know we can manually edit, but is better to let choose between complete content and the only extract.

    Thanks 4 your job!

    Best regards!


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  • Hi Nando,
    Thanks for the kind words :).

    1.Could you send us a preview of your newsletter at email :team at wysija dot com ? It could be your email client shortening the links, we have seen that happening sometimes. Can you try it from a different email client?

    2. You are so right! I think what is missing on the article search panel is a checkbox to get the extract straight away. We did this interface to save you guys time but in some cases it can be a pain I believe :). We will improve it step by step don’t worry. Soon will come version 1.1 with great improvements.



    Thanks 4 your reply

    I’ve tested on multiple browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Comodo Dragon, IE and with the same results, sometimes work sometimes dont. Email clients where I have tested are Yahoo and Gmail

    Maybe I’m wrong but I think the issue is in coding/decoding the URL.

    This plugin is really good and has potential, would be good to correct the problem of base64 encoding and add the option to automatically insert the extracts instead of the full content.

    Thanks 4 your job!

    Best reagrds,


    Another thing I can mention is that I see no option to clear statistics. Would be very useful to eliminate the statistics in case of cleaning a bit the DB


    Its me again,

    I found another issue, again with the base64 encoded url in the email subscription, dont work, I’ve tested with gmail and yahoo…

    In the post/page when I try to put inside the content “the subscription form” there’s an issue..guess what?…again base64!! I can not see the form, I can not add styles or modify ’cause stops working

    I think you should reconsider the base64 encoding, is giving some problems, but hey is just my opinion! 😉

    Thanks again!


    Hi Nando,

    Indeed sounds like a hell lot of issue on base64_encoding :).
    Can you give me the address of your site so that I can have a clear look at the problem.
    Also could you send me that newsletter which have some broken links to team at wysija dot com .

    I’m quite surprise it’s breaking I have to say !



    ps: we’ve never considered having an option to clear stats, as this is very important info. We strive to keep our plugin as simple as possible, so we’re not really keen in adding extra options here and there which will mostly not be used. Let’s see what we come up with later on.

    Hi Ben,

    I can give you the address of my site but the plugin is offline by now ’cause the email verification issue:

    I’m trying to solve this ’cause I need some newsletter plugin working on my site…


    Hi Nando,

    hmmm I see.
    Actually it wont help if I cannot test it 🙂
    Could you create a test page not listed in your menus on which you would insert the subscription form?
    And send it over to me.
    Actually that would be much better if you were opening a ticket on our support site so that we can support you in more suited place.(we can exchange private information). Here below is the address:



    Thanks Ben, is online right now in the same adress, take a look.
    I’m doing some test with yahoo,gmail and hotmail..


    Ok is offline again, I think I know what the problem is: I have a base64 coded/decoded protection on my site, so any attempt of long URL address and base64 address will be blocked 😉

    Thanks 4 your help, this plugin is really great but the base64 coded/encoded is give me some problems!



    Ok Nando,

    Well good to hear that you found out where the problem was coming from.
    Can you share with us what is the name of the protection. Is it a wordpress plugin ? or a php extension ?



    Sure, I can’t give you details but part of the protection is a .htaccess and a plugin called WP Better Security.

    A long URL address is big issue in many cases, and a base64 address too (in some case)

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