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  • I sent a newsletter to a subscriber list of 597 subscribers 3 days ago, I throttled the sending to 70 emails every 15 minutes as my host has a limit of 350 per hour. I used php to send.
    On this mail out I have an unopened rate of 99.3 percent!!!

    To check what is happening I created a new list with one subscriber, me at a yahoo account. I sent the same newsletter to this list of one.

    It sent but went straight to spam box in yahoo.

    Do you think this might have been what happened to the 593 that were not opened or could there be a problem in sending limits?

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  • Hi DateTec,

    Indeed the 99.3 percent of unopened rate probably can be explained by the fact that you go straight to your subscribers’ spam.

    I advise you to check your spam score , we wrote a small guide on how to do that:


    Hi Ben,
    Checked the spam score
    SpamAssassin v3.3.1 (2010-03-16)

    Result: ham (0.8 points, 5.0 required)

    So it shouldnt be that bad, however I did see this.

    SPF check: neutral
    DomainKeys check: neutral

    The message was signed but the signature or signatures
    contained syntax errors or were not otherwise able to be
    processed. This result SHOULD also be used for other
    failures not covered elsewhere in this list.

    DomainKeys and SPF is enabled in CPanel so not sure why it gave that result. I will forward that to my hosting company.

    Not sure if that alone should cause such a high rate of unopened emails though?



    spam filters use an array of parameters to assess the spammyness. Your host’s IP reputation is an important one indeed.

    Switching to a professional SMTP server might indeed be the key:

    And don’t forget to make sure you follow strict rules of engagment with your subscribers. Here are a few tips we wrote on that matter:


    I signed up for an account with Elastic Email but for some reason I cant get their settings into the dns zone via my CPanel, again I have a support in with the hosts.
    One problem I see with them is they limit you to 100 emails a day so I would take a week to get this newsletter out, not something I find acceptable.



    read the documentation of Elastic Email carefully. Here’s a lead:

    Blasting email, regardless of the solution you pick requires very carefull initial steps. You need to build your reputation gradually.

    If you burn some steps, the spam box will be your newsletters destination. 🙂


    Just a note: even if you switch to aweber, madmimi or mailchimp, they will ultimately ask you before you send: how did you create your mailing list. Are these double optins?

    Oh come on please…..This is a double optin subscriber list complete with subscriber ip address, phone number and postal address which is regularly cleaned and I have been marketing to for a long time.

    This is the first time I have experienced such high unopened rates and also the first time I have used a wp plugin to control a mailing because the site in the past has not been wp and the email has either been sent using interspire software installed on my server or Getresponse.

    I was wondering if this high unopened rate was a result of either my sending set up, the plugin or some other reason.

    I cant continue with unopen rates of this level so will probably have to go back to using a sending service.

    Thanks for the extra info which paints a different picture.

    Did your previous system use your current host as the sending method?

    For use to get a better idea we need to get our hands dirty. Is it possible to access your administration? If so, send info to

    let us know, kim

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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