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  • Resolved Bart


    WPtouch messes with my site footer.

    It displays: “Proudly powered by WordPress and WPtouch”

    I tried to get rid eof it by uncorking the option:
    “Show powered by WPtouch in footer (Adds WPtouch to the ‘Powered by WordPress’ area in footer of desktop theme)”

    But this doesn’t work. After save the option is still on.

    I think plugins shouldn’t advertise them selfs in my blogs footer unwanted. So not being able to switch this of is big bug. Switched off this plugin on all my blogs till it’s fixed

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    I don’t know what version you have, but the free version does not include an option to not display the powered by line. If you you don’t like to give credit to the free software you use on your website, then don’t use WPtouch.

    WPtouch Pro (the paid version) does however include this feature.


    Thanks for your response.

    1) The option is right there in the admin panel of the free version
    2) I seen nowhere in the admin panel that this plugin should give credit to the builder.

    I think that considering 1 and 2 this is a very unclear and confusing policy. For clarity you should state this at least in the readme file.

    I loved the earlier versions of wptouch, easy small, but I don;t like this kind of sneaky policies, placing your link in peoples blog without stating that clearly.

    I don’t like that a lot of other blogger won’t like it, will blog about this sneaky policies and find easy ways to remove it anyway….

    So by being not open about your policy you draw a lot of bad attention to your brand, not a good way to advertise yourself….

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    1 ) No it’s not. What does the option say, exactly? It sounds like you have someone else’s possibly pirated version of our Pro plugin.
    2 ) Does it need to be explicit? It’s in the footer code of the free version, because there’s no option. In the footer code we ask that you leave the credit to us.
    3 ) There’s nothing ‘sneaky’ going on, and we don’t appreciate your accusation. It sounds like you’re not using a genuine copy of WPtouch, because we’d never do that kind of thing.

    I’m sorry that you’re experiencing this issue. We’re not a misleading, ‘sneaky’ company— we’ve worked directly with the WordPress team and have millions of users because we’re not that kind of company.

    We’d love to help you, but only if you’re 1) going to be cordial, appreciative and kind (because it’s a free plugin and you’re not ‘entitled’ to support), and 2) if you’ll accept that what we’re telling you is the truth, and we will only give the truth to our users and customers at all times.


    Thanks for coming back on this issue.

    1) I think you are very very rude in your response.
    2) I don;t like be accused to use pirated versions without any supporting evinced from your side. Doing this is just outrageous and i file a compliant about this with your company.
    3) being polite is a important asset. You don’t show that in both the way you reply to me and the way you just add your link to the footer of my blog without notice. I think this is a rude way to company promotion. I think announcing that you put a link in the blog footer is the bar minimum you should do as a courtesy to the blog owner. If you would have announced this in the plugin readme and or the plugin admin panel I would have considered allowing it. However just doing this without notice is a good way to have many blog owners rase the eyebrowse and deactivate this plugin.

    I downloaded your plugin from the official wordpress repository it’s version 1.9.33

    You can find a screenshot that displays the option at:

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    Hi Bart,

    We added code in the last update to WPtouch to show a “Powered by WPtouch” link in the footer of the 2010 and 2011 themes. Both of these themes have a “Powered by WordPress” link already that points to, and the link we added there also points to the wptouch plugin on This behaviour mimics WPtouch on, since they show a Powered by WPtouch in the footer on all mobile sites.

    We apologize for the misunderstanding in the support forums, and there does indeed appear to be a bug there in that the setting can’t be disabled. We’ll be pushing out a change in the next version that will have that setting off by default and also allow you to enable/disable it, which appears to not work in the current version.

    Once again, our apologies for the inconvenience. Look for an update in 10 or 15 minutes.

    Glad that this issue is resolved and I hope the person in question is pointed out that he was way out of line with his earlier post and has learned his lesson….

    I just installed the update and I can confirm that the setting now sticks and the credits are removed from my footer’s blog.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Glad it’s working for you Bart!

    Hi — I’m not finding the admin setting to enable/disable the “Powered by WPTouch” line. Can you point me to this, please?
    WPTouch v1.9.39 & WP v3.3.1. Thank you!

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Hi siriusly,

    You can find the option under “Logo / Home Screen Icon & Default Menu Items” section. It is “Show powered by WPtouch in footer”.

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