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  • I am not being able to keep the WPTouch (free version) ACTIVE. The reason is that when I install it and I check the site from a Blackberry looks perfect in the WPTouch mobile theme. However, when I open in my computer the blog the WPTouch is shown instead of the full site theme. I don’t know how to resolve this issue. I am using the free version to test the plugin before buying the pro version. Is there a way to correct this issue?

    Thank you.

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  • Same problem here – I’ve noticed that on some blogs WPTouch keeps popping up on my desktop. Even trying to force the theme to use the desktop version is not successful.

    Note – wondering if there is a potential conflict with W3 Total Cache. Didn’t have the problem before and now (after upgrade) it’s with several blogs and can reproduce on all browsers. Cannot seem to identify any specific pattern to why one blog will appear in mobile in certain browsers.

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    There are known compatibility issues between W3 Total Cache and WPtouch/WPtouch Pro. You may configure W3 Total Cache to perform well with WPtouch Pro by adding the following list of mobile user agents to its “rejected user agents” lists found under Performance > Page Cache, Performance > Minify, and Performance > CDN:

    blackberry 9800
    blackberry 9850
    blackberry 9860
    blackberry 9780

    Remember to “empty all caches” under the General Setting in WP Total Cache before testing your site.

    Alternatively, WP Super Cache has released a version that offers a compatibility option for the free version of WPtouch. We have found, however, that compatibility and performance seems better between WP Total Cache and WPtouch.

    Please note that the pro version of WPtouch is a substantial upgrade from the free version and, as such, the free version is really only best to give an overall impression of pro version functionality. You may visit on a mobile device to see some of the additional functionality of WPtouch Pro and check out the feature comparison chart for a better idea of the differences between products. In addition, every purchase of WPtouch Pro comes with a 7-day trial period during which you will have access to our customer support forums, documentation, and our support team. During the seven day trial, if you find the product not to be satisfactory, you may request a full refund for any reason.

    I read this and realize you answered the question I just posted. Sorry (you can delete it.) The above, though, doesn’t seem to deal with the problem. These user agents are mobile but the useragent sent for desktop browsers won’t make use of this file. This just says “if you’re on a mobile phone, don’t use cached pages.” At least this is my understanding.

    Don’t get me wrong, pro sounds great. But I have a number of websites and to me that’s a big outlay which I’ll need to be sure I have a working solution (for me) before I take that step. There is no question you put in a lot of great work and also support for this product and I think it’s top notch. Just need to make sure this will work on my site. Thanks.

    Just did everything you mentioned and fired up IE 9. Went right into WP Touch and couldn’t even go back to the desktop theme by trying to turn off the theme in the footer.

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    That is a correct interpretation. By adding mobile user agents to the rejected lists of caching plugins, you’re instructing them to remain inactive when mobile devices are detected. By doing so, they will not cache your mobile pages and, in turn, will not display those cached pages on your desktop version or anywhere else.

    To be certain, you’ll want to clear your plugin, browser, and device data caches before retesting your site. If you’re still seeing the WPtouch theme on your desktop site, you’re seeing cached pages. Ditto for the theme switch returning the same page — it’s cached.

    A large number of our customers successfully run caching plugins in tandem with WPtouch Pro. Because every WordPress installation is unique due to combinations of plugins, themes, and other customizations, the only way to “make sure” is to try.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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