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  • With WordPress 3.2.1 & WP_Touch 1.9.35 iPhone users can’t reach my website at all. Instead they get a message ‘Could not open page. Safari can not open the page because too many redirects occurred.’

    Disabling WP-Touch fixed the problem. I already looked into DNS, and all kinds of other possible problems that were not it. I could hardly believe that WP-Touch is the prob, but there you have it.

    Enabling WP-Touch Restricted Mode, did not fix it. Enabling ‘1st visit mobile users will see desktop theme’ fixed the problem, until users turn the mobile them back on from the bottom of their iOS Safari page. Then it is broken again. Have to disable WP-Touch. Waiting for upgrade.

    Probably unrelated: The other major problem I’ve been having is that something in my WP site using way too much ram, causing the host to terminate my processes, which also kills the website. Could also be WP-Touch? I dunno.

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  • Same problem on our site. I was configuring the WPtouch plugin and testing it this morning. It worked, up to a point, and then I started receiving the “too many redirects” message. I reset my iPhone, but no luck. Then I searched here, found your post, deactivated WPtouch…and now I can access my (regular desktop) site via my iPhone again.

    I’d really love to see this resolved as WPtouch is the most promising mobile site plugin that I’ve tried. I’d upgrade to the Pro version, if I could be assured that it doesn’t have this issue.

    Same problem here.

    There was an older thread about it, but that’s definitely not my case.

    Was able to make it work by restoring default settings.
    It might have something to do WPTouch Homepage, which is now at WordPress settings.

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