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    I’ve installed WPtouch and it is working well, however, I am using a Genesis theme called Agentpress 1.0 and it uses shortcodes to display property information.

    The App however, only displays the code and not the details.

    Eg: [property_details details=”1″]

    How does WPtouch handle shortcodes?

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  • Oh the URL is

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    Hi gaik,

    Since those shortcodes are custom to your desktop theme, and WPtouch loads its own theme, it can’t ‘see’ the shortcodes.

    In WPtouch Pro, support for the desktop theme’s can be added. We have documentation available to all Pro users that others have used to successfully add support for Woothemes’, ElegantThemes’ and other themes’ shortcodes.

    You’re welcome.

    I am a WPtouch Pro user, so where can I get the documentation you speak of?
    I’d really appreciate it.

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    Hi Gai,

    Here’s a link –

    Make sure you are logged in with your Pro account to be able to access the article.

    I am having the same issue with WP Touch displaying the short codes but with very generic short codes like [one_half]. The website is

    Also, the gallery I have on the site is not resizing for the mobile version. Is that something with the gallery or something that is tied to the plugin.

    I only have the free account.

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    The free version of WPtouch does not handle advanced desktop theme functions such as shortcodes.

    Your gallery should resize unless you have fixed dimensions applied to its elements or the images inside. Ensure you have flexible dimensions or no dimensions specified and scaling should work as expected.

    You can edit the functions.php file for WPtouch to enable the shortcodes. I did a write-up on how to do it on my blog at:
    WPtouch – Enable Shortcodes

    I have got the free version of same for my blog and i also face the same issue, I guess PRO version can help us.

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    Yes, WPtouch Pro is built to accommodate advanced desktop theme functionality such as custom post types, custom page templates, and shortcodes.

    Be aware that when you alter the core files in the free version of WPtouch, your customizations will be overwritten on subsequent updates. You’ll want to keep good records of your changes so you may re-create them later.

    I have WP Touch Pro, and the shortcodes appear on my mobile devices. I used WooThemes for my website on wordpress.
    The shortcodes are for columns, button links, and contact us form.
    The shortcodes do not appear on the website on my computer, just on my phone.

    How can I prevent these shortcodes from appearing on my mobile devices?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    The issue is bigger than WPTouch, and the answer is to stop defining shortcodes inside of a specific theme. Instead of defining shortcodes in the functions.php file within a particular theme (or adding an include in that file that points to a short codes.php), just create a simple plug-in for your shortcodes. That way, your shortcodes will continue to work when you switch themes, and they will continue to work when you view the same site on a desktop, with your regular theme, and on mobile, with WPTouch.

    Another nice benefit of using a plug-in for your shortcodes is that you can use the built in editor screen to make changes to your shortcodes. The reason why that is good is because if you make a mistake in your code you will be prompted with an error message before the edit is saved. That will prevent your temporary errors from temporarily breaking your site for your users until you fix the error.

    If you have never created a plug in, it is really easy. Its just a php file that you save in your plug-in directory. For an easy model, if you have never done this, just take a really simple plug-in, such as Hello Dolly, and copy the file, change the name of the file and the information at the top of the file, and delete the code.

    If you are nervous about just cutting and pasting all of your shortcodes from your functions.php to your plug-in, you can take it step by step to isolate and troubleshoot each step: Start with your plug-in that contains no code and activate it through the administrative menu for plugins. If that worked fine, then go to your functions.php file, copy one (or all) of your shortcodes and paste them to a text file temporarily and either delete them from your functions.php file, or comment them out and save. Now check to confirm that your shortcodes are not working on your site. Next, paste those codes into your plug-in and confirm that your shortcodes are working. Thats it.

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    I have WP Touch Pro, and the shortcodes appear on my mobile devices.

    You’ll need to set up that feature of WPtouch Pro (it ships with all advanced features deactivated).

    Yes, creating a plugin is a great option as well but for those who’s shortcodes are in a purchased theme, say, those advanced features may be “switched on”. For support with WPtouch Pro, log in to

    So right now I have WP Touch (free version). If I purchase WP Touch Pro, is it easy to edit the settings so that the shortcodes won’t appear on mobile devices?
    I use Woothemes.
    I am not sure if my shortcodes were created with a plugin or not? Right now, the shortcodes are embedded in between text on different pages of my website.
    Can you please provide me with an outline of how I will eliminate the shortcodes on mobile devices so that I will know if it will be simple enough for me to fix on my own?

    Thanks again

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    WPtouch Pro allows you to easily remove shortcodes by entering the shortcodes’ names in a comma-separated list.


    button, blockquote, column and so on.

    You’re welcome.

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