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  • David Sharpe


    Using WPtouch 1.9.5 and WordTwit 2.2.4. When I select the Twitter link there is an error message that appear under my avatar and Twitter link:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/.freakmeister/me/ on line 169

    This appears on every installation I’ve set up using both plugins. Not a big deal since it’s barely visible.

    By the way, thanks for both of these great plugins.


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  • David Sharpe


    Error is till present in the latest updates to both plugins, WPtouch and WordTwit 2.2.6. The only change is that the error is now on line 173, <?php foreach( $tweets as $tweet ) { ?>

    Anyway to fix this? Configuration error on my part?



    Same problem here… Also both plugins updated to latest version…

    I have the same problem as well. Also, if you google “twitter.php on line 4” you can find 8 pages of people with the same problem.

    I am running php on IIS 7, anyone on Apache having this problem?

    Got it.

    Remove the first line of twitter.php in wordtwit/html/

    The line is “<?php global $tweets; ?>”

    I am NOT a php coder, BUT it seems like this line clears out the array of tweets created earlier.

    Removing the global variable didn’t fix it for me; just changed the line that the error was being thrown on.

    Other people are having the same problem here, with the error persisting even when the widget is removed.

    The error has already occurred and disappeared on its own with another blog I’ve been working on. Still no sign of what’s causing it (or fixing it).

    (Should probably clarify that I’m not using WPTouch, only WordTwit.)

    A quick look into the Twitter accounts of the blogs affected has revealed that the error likely occurred immediately after a tweet starting with “@”, in both instances.

    Error gone. In both cases, it disappeared exactly two “normal” tweets after the one starting with the @.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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