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    I’m unable to view any of the images I have for my site within the post. Have I overlooked an option in the plug-in settings, or is there another way that I need to go about having them display?

    My site is

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    We don’t see WPtouch active on your site at the moment so we aren’t able to troubleshoot.

    Assuming that your images are inserted directly in the post, they should display via WPtouch. Thumbnails in WPtouch rely upon WordPress’ featured image function — you’ll need to assign a featured image to a post in order for thumbnails to display on your mobile site experience.

    I am having the same problem. Some images are just showing up as colored sqaures, but I have noticed that it seems to only be the images that have no thumbnail when I click edit on them in my media library.

    Let me clarify, when I open my media library, I see all my pictures, but if I click edit for the ones I don’t see on the frontend of my mobile site, as if to change it’s title, no thumbnail is shown. If I click “Edit Image” under where the thumbnail should be, the picture is shown, but make some change, save it, and the thumbnail is still not shown.

    Does anyone know why thumbnails are not shown within the media library? If that is solved, 9/10 I think it will fix the issue of not seeing images on our mobile sites. It seems to be a common problem, but I can’t seem to find an answer.

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    Hi addesigns,

    The images you are referring to are they the post-thumbnails or images within your posts?

    Does anyone know why thumbnails are not shown within the media library?

    We couldn’t say for sure but it doesn’t seem like something WPtouch would cause. Try looking for plugin conflicts by deactivating your other plugins to see if you find the culprit.

    My website is a store so it is the product images or featured image for each product that is not showing up.

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    Your desktop theme may be storing those images in an area of your database other than your Media Library. The free version of WPtouch does not handle such non-standard configurations but WPtouch Pro will likely be able to be customized to work with your desktop theme in order to get your product images to display in your mobile theme.

    If you do decide to try WPtouch Pro, be sure to take advantage of our dedicated customer support during your 7-day trial. We’ll do our best to get you up and running.

    The images are being stored to my Media Library.

    I installed WPTouch on my website. Everything seems to be working fine, i can see the post thumbnails too(i have disabled it anyways).

    The only problem i’m facing is that the in-post images are not loading up even after waiting for like minutes. Even in the posts that have only 2-3 images i am not able to view all the images.

    Please help.


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    In our tests, we’re seeing the same images load in both your desktop and mobile themes. If you are not seeing the same, try clearing your device cache before retesting. If the problem persists, post a specific url where the issue is happening so we can have a look.

    I tried viewing it in another browser, its working like a charm now, images loading correctly. A fabulous plugin, the best mobile site one can get. Thanks for the support.

    Hope we get to see a custom url for directly calling the mobile site in the next update of the plugin.

    Thank You.

    Recently wrote an in-depth review for WPTouch. Hope it would be helpful to others.

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    Thank you!

    Hello there – sorry for reopening this – but images do not load when you click on the post on the front page.

    Check out

    Click on any post there, the subsequent screen does not show the post images and description etc.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Any thoughts? anyone?

    @narayanan1 – starting your own thread per the forum guidelines would be better than posting in an old one already marked resolved. Resolved threads are usually not replied to. You can do so here:

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