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    All you have to do is add your Publisher ID and account information in the WPtouch settings and ads will show automatically.



    Hmmm… It’s not working at my weblog as far as I can see. What might I be doing wrong or just different? Is there a clash with another plugin please?

    Thanks, Gavin

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    Are you including your whole publisher ID? Do you have other Adsense plugins running?

    Hi admin,

    I’m having a similar problem but my issue is with clicks, and not the actual ads. I have entered my ID and channel number and ads are shown fine when I check the posts.

    It seems clicks aren’t registered though and after speaking to Google and testing it, they also detect the problem so it seems they are not being recognised for whatever reason.

    Any help be greatly appreciated. I read somewhere about having to add code to a plug in but sadly it didn’t make much sense!

    Many thanks.

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    Are you certain there have been clicks on your ad units? (beware of Adsense’s terms of not clicking your own ads)

    I was having the same problem and just got it to work.

    First in WPTouch options in WordPress make sure you have your publisher id in the correct field. Make sure you also include ‘pub-‘ before your id. You can also input your ad category if you want to see specific data for that ad.

    Next, this is what was stopping my ads from showing, sign into your Google Adsense account. Click My Ads. On the left side make sure you have Mobile Content allowed or started up. If it is still under the More Products section it will not display.. you need to turn on that feature.

    Like BraveNewCode said.. WPTouch takes care of the rest.

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the delay. I hadn’t clicked myself naturally but judging by the hits received, and what adsense support said it was highly unusual not to receive any clicks.

    Thanks for the info Shaun much appreciated. I have made it inactive at the moment due to the issue, but will try it again soon. I had my publisher number and will try and check the mobile content area.

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks for the feedback Shaun 🙂

    I am getting no adds on my WPTouch page, even though i included pub- and the channel ID swell.

    Do i need to create adds in adsense, or how does WPTouch know what kind of adds i want to display? is the site.

    I’m thinking about getting WPTouch Pro, so i kinda want this to work, before buying.

    One more thing… I added my analytics code aswell, but when i surf the site on my mobile phone, i’m not getting any response on Realtime (BETA) analytics. Is this not supported, or is it not reading my code there aswell?

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    Adsense for mobile also needs to be enabled in your Adsense settings. Though they recently moved Adsense for mobile to the main Adsense settings so it may not be necessary to do that at this point, but you can still check in your Adsense settings to see if you have them enabled.

    You can enter custom tracking code in the admin panel and it should track your mobile traffic.

    Hi Guys,

    Google adsense has made a change and now AdSense for Mobile shifts to AdSense for Content.

    The mobile size is now include in the ads creation option of adsense for content.

    So, how can we add our new ad adsense for content code into WPtouch settings panel? Adsense for mobile code is not working anymore.

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author BraveNewCode Inc.


    Hi Echezuria,

    We’ve made note of this. Just so you know, WPtouch Pro has already been updated to reflect Google’s changes regarding Adsense.

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