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  • interesting feature. would be very useful to know that!

    You could add your browser to the custom user agents to have it show up. For example you could add ‘safari’ as a custom user agent, and then WPtouch will show in the Safari browser when you visit your site.

    Keep in mind that it will show for ALL users using Safari in this case.

    WPtouch Pro includes a developer mode where you can preview the mobile or iPad theme in your browser for only you.

    that is not the point. the question is, whether if it is possible with wptouch to link to a specific subdomain for the mobile version or not?

    I hope it will be possible with a subdomain / redirect

    yes! that’s exactly what i thought of.

    Not really possible at this point, unless you want to run two installations of WordPress.

    Do you plan to implement such a feature?

    Not really— it’s not an often requested thing, and we don’t see that much use for it.

    hm, I’d love to have that, too. Since that would give the possibility to still use a cache like varnish without having both versions mixed…

    An interesting thing happened today on one of our sites, Chrome randomly just opened the mobile version of the site, instead of the live version, have latest version of WPtouch installed. Is there a reason why this would happen? And how i could stop it from happening again?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    This is likely an issue with a cache plugin not being configured correctly to ignore the user agents WPtouch uses to detect compatible devices.

    Add the list of user agents shown in the WPtouch settings to your cache plugins’ Rejected User agent listing and empty the cache, everything should be fine.

    and we don’t see that much use for it.

    It would be very useful e.g. to advertise/promote ones mobile domain. Many companies and organisatios do that:,,,…

    Why? When you can just advertise your own domain as being mobile ready? One domain address for customers is easier to remember than two.

    I have also been looking into this feature because it would allow me to place a mobile link in the footer of my website for mobile users who were not included in the user agents list. So if the user has an obscure mobile device that is capable of rendering the mobile version of the website they can manually redirect to it by clicking on the footer link. Having this linked to a dedicated subdomain would also be a nice touch.

    “Obscure mobile device capable of rendering the mobile version”. What devices, for example, would these be?

    We’ve covered the majority of mobile browsing devices by browser share (93-97% in North America) by supporting iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS6+ devices.

    I think you’re considering investing too much effort into something that won’t offer much to many people.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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