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  • hey all

    when i first used WPtouch it used to show the ads and i’ve been using it for a long time, when i checked it today from my phone i didn’t find the ads at all… just a plain space.

    i’ve checked my setting and the ID is still there “pub-82667…”

    do i have to change any thing in my setting to get it back on? or is it from adsense?


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  • Google AdSense recently updated their methods for including ads so you may want to revisit your ad unit setup. You may need to rebuild your mobile ad units or grab some new code to enter in WPtouch.

    Could you please guide me and tell me what i should do?
    Cause i’ve visited adsense and didnt find anything, and in the WPtouch it just asks for the ID i cant insert a code.

    Please help me


    Please make sure there are no blank spaces after your pub-id.

    If you share the URL of your website we’ll be glad to take a look and see what the issue may be. Thanks.

    there is no space at all, my website is

    i’m really thankful for your help

    Ad space displays on posts only, not on the homepage. We are seeing your AdSense code in your page source so you may want to check that your ads are active and not listed as “idle” in your Google Adsense admin panel.

    I’d like to paste my adsense ad code in there, and not fiddle around with ID, which make the ad not show up.

    Is there no update to this?

    I’d like to paste my adsense ad code in there, and not fiddle around with ID, which make the ad not show up.

    When you paste your pub-id in WPtouch, it fetches your ad code for you. There is no other way in the free version of WPtouch to add advertising code. WPtouch Pro allows you to incorporate custom code but as you’re using AdSense, that shouldn’t be necessary.

    Make sure you’re entering your AdSense ID as pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.



    Still not working even when Adsense ID is correctly entered.
    I’ve had to disable for now.


    In your Adsense control panel, go to Home > Account Settings > Account Information and look under “Active products” to make sure “Mobile content” is activated.

    DO NOT enter you pub ID. Enter the custom channel ID in the first box and leave the second box open. That’s what I did for iPhone5s and it’s working perfectly.

    @globalreachllc‘s instructions are not the recommended method for inserting your AdSense code so proceed with caution.

    So what’s the real recommended method? When I put the pub ID and the channel ID it doesn’t work. But when I put in the channel ID and leave the pub ID empty ad shows but haven’t checked if its recorded any clicks or revenue.

    My site:

    As mentioned above, enter your AdSense ID as pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Entering the channel ID is optional. We see ads displaying on your site at this time. We also see an active caching plugin that may be interfering with the accuracy of your content if it hasn’t been set up to work with mobile devices.

    To do so, enter the user agents found under Advanced Options > Custom User-Agents to the “rejected user agents” areas in your caching plugin’s settings. Remember to clear your plugin, browser, and device caches before retesting.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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