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  • Gotcha. Well, then I guess the rest is up to me to figure out turning it into a plugin… I don’t think I can start on this today but hopefully soon.

    hi trishahdee, are you still working on the project ? If you need to test something just let me know,

    Hi bitweb,

    As a matter of fact, I did some work on it yesterday. In truth, I have a coder friend who is excellent in plugin development and we have decided to team up to create plugins 😀 We are finishing up one that will allow US citizens to find their Congressman contact information. When we are done with that, which should be shortly, we’ll do the the font resizer plugin. So it should be done soon… I’ll let you know when we need to beta test.


    I try to use the script :

    but it’s not working on my site, so i wait for the plugin



    When you say it isn’t working, can you explain exactly what you mean? Are you getting the buttons to show up but they are not changing the text size? Are the buttons not showing up?

    If the buttons do show up, are they in the header, on a sidebar? I did find that the buttons only change size below where they are located. On my test page I have the buttons below the text title/domain name (the text in the black bar at top) and that text does not change. If I put the buttons in the black bar then that text size does chance. So maybe try moving the buttons up on the page higher?

    Any information you can give us about the fail will help when we do the plugin.

    Hi Trishahdee

    i don’t say it’s not working but i cound’t make it to work…

    i put the 1st code in the header and the second in sidebar “tpo of page”

    PS sorry for my english, but i’m french

    Not a problem Phil. I’m just trying to make sure I understand any problems so we can address them. If the buttons showed up but didn’t work then it may be that it was not picking up the div where the content actually resides. We’ll check to make sure that is not a problem with the plugin.

    Hi all

    This morning i found a widget for text size

    It’s works, and very simple to install


    personally I need a plugin wich have template shortcodes, because my developed theme doesn’t have widget support ( and also for me is better to use shortcodes than widgets).
    So, trishahdee, keep going 😛

    By the way, how is the project going ? Any steps forward ?

    My coder did look at the different js scripts and I’ll show him the zoom-widget also. He just did the initial research so far. We are working to get our CongressLookup plugin finished, we just have to make sure we get all the bugs worked out, then he’ll jump right on the resizer.

    In case you are interested, here is the current version of CongressLookup. Still not ready for general use but I’d say we’re 90% there:

    hi trishahdee, are you still developing the plugin ?

    Sorry for the delay.

    We have the CongressLookup plugin finished ( and all I need to do is put it up on but I have tried for 5 days to get my developers account activated and no one is replying to me!!!! I know my coder was working on the text resizer. I’ll talk to him again and see where he is with it.

    Plugin Author Brad Parbs


    Thank you all for the comments, I have a new version I’m rewriting, should be updated soon. 🙂 It will fix all of these problems, and be easier to use!

    Hello bradparbs,

    This is great news! My coder has been trying to make time for this project but he still has no time frame for tackling it. So if you can do this then that would be great! Let me know if we/I can help at all.

    BTW… I was finally able to publish our first plugin 😀 In case anyone is interested, you can find it here:

    Update… I know bradparbs is working on fixing this plugin, but I forgot to tell my coder and he started working on developing a plugin for text resizing.

    As I was looking at the text resizing plugins that are already publishes, I came across Zoom ( Have any of you tired this one? Does it do what you need? Are there things it does not do you would want it to? I just don’t want to spend time on something that is redundant.

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