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  • You need to put the wpTextResizeControls(0) or wpTextResizeControls(1) inside php brackets for it to show the controls.

    <?php wpTextResizeControls(0)?>

    However, I wanted mine in the header of the child theme I am developing and even though the controls were visible they did not work when clicked. I didn’t try it in any other locations.

    not working for me too

    I could not fix this plugin so what I did was hard-code the following into my header:

    I used different images and tweaked it a bit to use only what I needed but it does work in WP 3.4.1. The only thing I don’t like is that on my theme the sidebar has smaller text then the content so the sidebar increases in size first then when it catches up the content then everything increases together. But it does work for me.

    trishahdee, that seems a great job. Could you transform it in a wordpress plugin ? It would be great

    I will try it soon

    bitweb, my thoughts exactly!

    I’m new to creating plugins and I’d have to devote more time to learning plugin development better, but it looks like it should be pretty straightforward.

    But before I invest the time, would you and SITEWEB44 both try to install the DynamicDrive script on your sites and see if it also functions well for you? Whenever you add additional javascript to WP there can be conflicts so I’d like to do some due diligence before I spend the time.

    ok, let’s do teamwork 😛

    okey dokey. Either of you have PHP or WP development skills?

    ok for me

    I have some theme development skills, but I’m not an expert. What I said is that I can test everything for you.

    I already installed the script, but the only thing that gets bigger is your copyright ^^

    here is a screen :

    The copyright is showing because you missed some code. That wouldn’t show if you get all of it.

    Here is my test site I tried it on:

    you are right, just noticed a path was wrong.
    Now the only thing that changes slightly are the images in the header.
    The strange thing is, I already seen this behavior in all others plugins I used. I cant figure out why does like this.

    adding a “targets: [“div#content”]” made it work! 🙂

    Whoo hoo! Can you send me your tweaked code so I can see how you did this? trishah [at] trishah dot com

    no tweak, only used the customization you suggested in your site, in the section

    targets: ["body"], //target elements to resize text within: ["selector1", "selector2", etc]

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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