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[Plugin: wpStoreCart] Can't update settings. Plese help!

  • Hi there,

    I updated the plugin to the 2.5.33 version and now I can’t update the store settings anymore.

    I’ve contacted the official support forum (I’am a paid user) but I didn’t received any reply.

    Last week I open a ticket support and they close it even without reply to me! It’s incredible for a plugin that I’ve paid for!

    Anyway I’m thinking to change the store plugin with another with a good support service but I have hundreds of products on my store…

    Is it possible that the impossibility to update the settings depends on some wordpress wrong setting? I didn’t change any wordpress setting but… who knows!

    Please can anyone help me?

    Many thanks in advance.


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  • Plugin Author jquindlen


    Thank you for your purchase and apologies that you experienced some problems. Regarding the support ticket you opened two days ago, it is still open and we made a reply about 20 minutes after you posted it. I’ll copy the contents of the support ticket for you here:

    Hmm. Well, the only changes in version 2.5.33 were some edits to .JPG images, so I doubt the update itself is causing the issues. Rather, with the symptoms you described, it sounds like a conflict issue. Either a jQuery/javascript conflict, or plugin conflict. I’m leaning towards the plugin conflict.

    Anyway, to figure out what’s causing it, let’s start with the plugins first. Navigate to your wp-admin > Plugins > admin area, and deactivate all your plugins except for wpStoreCart. Now navigate to wp-admin > wpStoreCart > Settings > and try saving your settings. If saving settings now works, then your issue is a plugin conflict. The next step is figure out which plugin is conflicting with wpStoreCart. To do this, activate 1 additional plugin, and then re-test wpStoreCart. Repeat until wpStoreCart no longer works, which indicates that the last plugin you activated is the conflicting plugin. Once you figure out the conflicting plugin, please update this ticket so we can try and release an update to wpStoreCart to fix the incompatibility.

    The 2nd type of conflict to test for, if it was not a plugin conflict, is a javascript conflict. I recommend using Firefox and installing Firebug. However, I’ll hold off on writing the instructions until after you’ve tested for plugin conflicts.

    Let us know it how goes. We’re here to help.

    You also had a previous support ticket from July 18th, where you said that the update had knocked out your WordPress install. We visited your site, and it, as well as the store worked perfectly, so here was out reply before closing that ticket:

    The only changes in 2.5.33 were updated .jpg images, so it sounds like a server to server connectivity issue between your server and WordPress.org. It looks like you resolved the issue.

    Many thanks for your reply.
    As regards your reply on your support forum, I didn’t receive any reply from you. On the ticket support I still can’t see any reply and I still haven’t received any mail with your reply (did you send it to a wrong email addres?).
    For the closed ticket, the same thing I’ve never received, from you, any message which said to me that the issue was closed. You saw that my site was OK because the day after my ticket request, I solved the problem copying the wordpress folder from the weekly backup on my server.
    Anyway, now you are trying to help me and I thank you.
    I’ve had already tried to deactivate all the plugins and never changed. I’m using firefox.
    I’ve installed firebug and I’ve tried to change the settings but nothig happened again. I obtained a “white page” again.
    Any other idea?
    Many thanks in advance.

    YOU wrote:

    “Let us know it how goes. We’re here to help.”

    Well… I did it two days ago!

    And I’m still waiting for your reply. I wrote on your useless support for PAID USERS too, but the result is THE SAME.



    I will search another plugin with a BETTER SUPPORT SERVICE! (I don’t think that it could be difficult!)


    Plugin Author jquindlen


    And I’m still waiting for your reply. I wrote on your useless support for PAID USERS too, but the result is THE SAME.


    I replied within 10 minutes of your last ticket, and within 24 hours to your ticket before. I reply. Every time. We set the support ticket system up so that we can deal, directly, one on one, with paid users. We only provide support through those avenues because otherwise I would spend all day answering questions for free users.

    Good luck finding another ecommerce plugin that will reply to your support tickets in 10 minutes.

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