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  • ordy



    # something similar
    First I like to point you to an similar project over at
    Maybe you are interested in sharing ideas with each other or something.

    # why this mod
    I run a very small webpage which is about solutions for some RPG-PCgames. The basic idea was to offer all contend as board-posts. So everybody who add something useful can find his name next to his post and earn all the credits. Great idea imho, but it failed because some kind of “conventional” homepage seems to be requested more than the “credits for posting”.

    Well, now I decided to use WP – Articles for the news and your mod offer me the perfect connection between the “new homepage” and the “old board style”. I can offer both with one single post.

    So I am really thankful for your great plugin.

    # the request
    To make this perfect I would like to ask if it is possible to show not only articles but also pages inside SMF.
    (I know that you using the WP-categories to point to a SMF-board and make it possible to send different category articles to different boards. Since WP-pages don’t use categories, this could be complicated but I think one SMF-board for all WP-pages is a good start.)

    Second request is a backlink from the SMF-post to the original WP-article (and hopefully to the page).

    # quick workaround
    Personally I use a theme which comes without the single.php.
    If this is the case, it’s also possible to add

        if (function_exists(myWPSMF_link_to_smf)){

    inside the index.php with the same result.

    Kind regards

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  • Plugin Author SchattenMann


    sry for the delay on reply but since theres no notify service here i kinda get lost…
    if you are registered at SMF you can share your ideas here

    all your points are valid and i hope i have the time soon to make them real



    Haven’t noticed a delay – since this in not a chat, I haven’t expected a “just in time” answer.
    Take your time.

    I am registered at and will follow you there. I haven’t found the thread because I would expect something like this in the Portals, Bridges, and Integrations board, not under Converting.

    Thanks for your kind answer and hopefully your status switch back to “automobile” soon.

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