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  • Hi! I’ve try this plugin with smf 2rc4 and wp 3.01 (for a future project, i want migrate to wordpress but maintain a forum like smf).

    Some bug found:
    1) Widget do not work:

    Database Error
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 20
    File: C:\wamp\www\smf2\SSI.php
    Line: 474

    2) When a guest comment in blog, also if i approve, it will not be published in forum (i need to synchronize, after of this all other comments are ok);

    3) No user integration (i think is best just only one login instead to login in WP and also in smf);

    4) isn’t possible to trim article in forum (i think is best a simple link instead to entire article – google do not glad duplicate content – like this: or maybe an optimized canonical in smf to point in blog article.

    5) forum comments are not published in blog article (really sad for this) 🙁

    6) isn’t possible to import all articles (from the specific board) in wordpress category

    6) isn’t supported a full integration (view smf inside worpress, like a page but no with iframe).

    7) SMF Link Text isn’t visible at all.

    8) When i export a new comment it show with exported time instead of time creation (this damage order).

    Anyway, is a great plugin, thanks for your hard work and sorry for my poor english.

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  • Edit: ok, link text is now ok (i’ve put code in single.php) but it grab classic url (no simplesef or other rewrite url).

    Edit: ok, atm i’ve fixed with this:

    $domain = parse_url($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    		# current page slug
    		$slug = $post->post_name;
    		# get parent page's slug
    		$post_data = get_post($post->post_parent);
    		$slug = $post_data->post_name;
    		$smf_link = "<a href=\"http://".$domain['path']."$smf_path/$slug-$topic.0.html\">";
    		$smf_link_text = str_replace ('<a>',$smf_link,$smf_link_text);

    Works fine with me (and simplesef) 🙂

    Plugin Author SchattenMann



    1) have no idea what wrong…the error is in SMF core file and that shouldn’t happen at all.

    2) atm its not possible since WP has some weird bug in the approve event. i am aware of it but have to wait…

    3) that would be a pain in the arse! 🙂 (i believe theres some other plugins for that)

    4) thats a good idea…

    5) atm plugin only export WP -> SMF and not the other way around…

    6a) what do you mean?

    6b) that’s also a good idea…

    7) you have to add it to your single.php…just follow the FAQ

    8) yah im aware of that too, have to solve it 🙂

    Sorry for double six, my mistake 😛

    6a = an importer from smf to wordpress to import all articles (from one board and/or from entire forum) from forum in blog (eg: i have a news board in smf and this is used for homepage. i can export from rss and import in wordpress but, if is possible, is best a real importer).

    Anyway, you’re a good developer and if you can make a real bridge like wp-unidted for phpbb, is a good chance for all smf/wordpress user 🙂

    Plugin Author SchattenMann


    i see your looking for a SMF/WP bridge…atm WPSMF is only a WP -> SMF exporter

    maybe in the future i can have the time to do it 🙂

    PS: its extremely easy to develop in WP. everything is extremely organized and documented. my problem is the lack of time and almost 0 documentation about SMF…

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