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    Hi there. I’m currently having an issue with the plugin WPSMF. I have no issues installing or getting the plugin to work. However, when I successfully set my SMF Path to the correct location, any and all links to content in my WordPress installation (administrative, content, and elsewise) redirect to the front page of my message board. When this happens, it always asks for a login. I was able to rectify this problem by renaming “/forums”, and erasing the “SMF Path”. Obviously, I’m still prohibited from using the plugin. The WordPress installation is installed in (relative to public_html) the “/content” directory. This was done so I could create a regular HTML document hosted in the main directory and use that as my home page. (I had read around that it was not preferable to do this, but I went ahead with it anyway. I was trying to get a desired look.) The SMF installation is located in the “/forums” directory.

    (Main Index Page (HTML))
    (SMF 2.0 RC5)
    (WordPress 3.1.1) (This will redirect to the main page, but that is where my WordPress installation is located.)

    I don’t know if this is an issue with the way that WPSMF handles subdirectories, but it sounds possible. Here is what I have currently tried:

    – I disabled all plugins (assuming that the plugin “Redirection” may have been the issue) and attempted to go through the process of setting the SMF Path. It did not work.
    – I double-checked to make sure that manipulating the style-sheet (which I did extensively) had no bearing on the issue. It did not. (Note: I am a PHP dunce, so if this sounds like a crazy thing to check, I apologize.)
    – I attempted to move “/forums” into a subdirectory of “/content” and then direct the SMF Path there. The issue persisted.

    I’m normally hard-wired about chugging forward and trying to piece together what the issue is, but I think this is something that can’t be fixed with my limited coding knowledge. Any and all help would be wonderful. Thanks!

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    there is no way i can possible think of that WPSMF would do such thing… plugin will only include an SMF file so i never change links or whatever

    also if you are redirecting your trafic to the main page that could create some problems

    tbh i’m using the same folder structure myself


    no problems whatsoever m8

    Yeah, it’s not a worry. I went ahead and did a clean install of the database. I was trying to opt against it because I had already done it three other times (for various reasons), but everything went smooth after I did that. Not sure what ultimately happened, but it doesn’t appear to be on you. Thanks for the nod. Like what the plug-in is capable of. Definitely hope you continue to support it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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