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    Using Slimstat 2.5
    This AM, pageviews for 07/09 read 180 before I posted any content to the blog. 3 hours later and still at 180. Tried deactivating/reactivating plugin.
    The graph view shows the correct pageviews for today as 67 as of 9:50am
    I upgraded to 2.5 yesterday

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  • Well, the pageviews started shooting up without any bot activity to speak of so I disabled the plugin before it screwed up my y axis…

    Compared to the data from my WordPress Popular Posts, the WP-slimstat is clearly showing too many pageviews than the site is actually receiving.

    Thanks. Tried to load the new zip file but got an error that the directory already exists. Is there a trick to getting the WP plugin updater to overwrite the files? If not, do you know when the update will be posted?

    You should use an FTP client, not the WordPress admin interface. As for the release date, I hope to have 2.5.1 ready by the end of this month.


    Thanks again. And just to be clear, that will not overwrite any of my setting or data…correct?

    Correct. As long as you don’t UNINSTALL the plugin, the data will be preserved.

    Ok. Uploaded and overwrote old files.
    Should this have corrected the data from the last few days or will it just have the correct data going forward?
    I still show 260 pageviews today even though I had turned off data collection early this morning.

    Hmm, I guess I didn’t understand what the problem is, then. Would you please post a screenshot illustrating your issue?


    Sorry, can’t seem to embed the photo here.

    If I hover over the pageviews on the graph for 09/09, it shows 6. On the data section, it reads out at 261. I have definitely not had 200-300 views in the past 48 hours.

    The reason why I’m confused is that this bug has already been fixed, and other users in this forum just confirmed that reinstalling 2.5 seems to do the trick 🙂 not sure why it’s not working in your case…

    All set. Recechecked date stamp and the files in the plugin folder where from 9/5. Made sure they were 9/6 when extracting the files and now it is working.
    Thanks for your time.

    Cool, I’m glad it worked! A vote for my plugin would be a nice way to thank me!


    Well, the pageviews are going crazy again. Hitting 600+ for no reason. Just started in past 2 days. Had to turn off tracking. No idea why this is happening.

    Well, someone is accessing your site multiple times, circumventing WP SlimStat way of detecting it as a bot 🙁


    Thanks for the reply Camu
    Is there any way for me to find the id of the bot? I looked in spy view for the peak times and don’t see any hits that correlate with the multiple page views.

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