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  • Just a few thoughts on new features for WPSearch:

    1. Option to include comments in the search results.
    2. Option to exclude certain pages or posts from search results.
    3. Stats on search phrases, number of successful searches and number of failed searches.
    4. Highlighting of search phrase in search results – different background color or bold text.
    5. Option to limit total number of search results (idea is to add further relevancy to results).
    6. Option to limit search results based on a match score visible only to the admin (see Yet Another Related Posts Plugin).

    I think 1 and 2 would add tremendous value right away in terms of added search relevance.

    Search stats (3) on what’s not being found would be a great tool for generating new ideas for content.

    Search phrase highlighting (4) is a nice to have but not critical in any way.

    Limiting total number of search results (5) and limiting search results according to a match score threshold (6) would provide additional control over search relevance.

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  • By number:

    1. Now available in, thanks for the suggestion though!

    2. Possible, but the way things would have to be done behind the scenes get a little ugly.

    3. Possible, might slow the search down, though.

    4. Very cool, slated as an upcoming feature along with contextual results.

    5. Scoring is independent of the number of results.

    6. Also possible, and likely to be implemented.

    Thanks for your thoughts, ririzarry! You’ve had some pretty insightful threads.

    NP Kenny! I’m glad I can contribute in some fashion.

    WordPress’s limited search capabilities have been a concern for me for some time. At one point I tried Google Search but was never happy with its poor integration into my site’s theme. I’ve also tried several search related plugins but they’ve only been an incremental improvement. WPSearch’s search relevance is a significant jump forward and I’m happy to have it running on my site.

    I’m looking forward to future improvements.

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