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  • I’m trying to create a quiz with WPquiz but no matter what code I enter into the page, the sample geometry quiz shows up. I’ve tried every combination I can think of. If anyone is familiar with this plugin, I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks a lot.

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  • @penpoint

    What is the quiz ID of the one you are trying to add? As at it’s simplest form you should only need to have [wpquiz id =1] somewhere in your post text for the sample quiz to show. Also what version of the plugin/WordPress are you running, I’ve just installed the current version of both and it was working but there may be something else causing the problem.

    I got that part sorted out. Found the information for it on the WordPress page for the plugin. Maybe it would be helpful to add that to your FAQ. Don’t know about others, but that’s one of the first places I look when I have an issue. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for the reply. I really like the plugin and the simplicity of it.


    I can’t get it to create a quiz, and don’t have the sample one that apparently should be there.

    I’m running current WP and plugin versions, and the WpQuiz page is there but created quizzes aren’t added to it.

    Very strange.

    @gulliver: Are you able to create a new quiz and see that? Sounds like a problem during install, will check and see as I did add code to prevent the example quiz being added each install and it might have introduced a bug.

    No, as mentioned, I’m not able to create a new quiz.

    To test, I’ll try again on a new Wp install. It may ‘simply’ be incompat with a plugin on the current install.

    I got a chance to check it and there was a bug during install that stopped the required tables from being created, I’ve fixed that and pushes out a new version. Sorry for the problem. Please let me know if the new version works for you.


    Yes, it does.

    I quite like the ease and simplicity of it, and there are some advantages over others I’ve tried.

    It has a significant advantage to the one (JibuPro) I currently use; in JP the content provided by shortcode isn’t indexable by the Relevanssi search plugin and hence isn’t returned in results, whereas in WPQuiz it is. I think the admin is easier too.

    I haven’t yet looked at the code to see how easily it might be adapted to include additional features, and wonder how keen you are to expand it?

    The facility to show a ‘done… you correctly answered x of y questions’ message will be very useful.

    Glad it’s working. I’m working on it but the main project I was using it for has been slow off the ground but will be looking to release updated versions soon, including what you mentioned as well as options of storing results.

    Sorry for double post but just quick message to say I’ve released an update which shows the marking you score x of you. I need to document it better but there is new part to the admin screen and it uses any of the following tags {correct} {wrong} {total} {percent}.

    I have two problems with the most recent update:

    1 I can’t find any option for the ‘score marking system to show how many correct’ facility.

    2 How should the ‘Score text:’ field be used?

    The default line should be
    Out of {total} you scored {correct} correctly and got {wrong} wrong. That’s {percent}.

    Not sure why my code isn’t bringing it through, but basically there are the 4 codes in {} brackets that can be used or none at all. I’m looking at how I can add it to the post text itself and for different messages for different results.


    If I add that ‘Out of {total}’ text to the ‘score text’ field then it correctly appears in the result.

    And, one other issue: on the demo question, the ‘Thank you for creating with WordPress.’ is too high (in the question 3 field) on the page.

    Glad it’s working, am working on a better solution for that. Thanks also for layout bug, have fixed that as well. Will push out a new release soon.

    Good. I like this plugin and am keen to see it develop.

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