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  • using wpmu 2.9 and buddypress 1.1
    this plugin has been helpful for the last month or two but about 1 day ago it stopped working. i don’t know if i cam under attack by one spammer perhaps who has some way of getting around this plugin but i know it’s not working since when i set it to 1px font size and noone should be able to know the random captcha string i still get lots of spam signups. by lots i mean i get one every few minutes. maybe they are reading the audio file – i don’t know.

    anyone else having this issue?

    i think i have to drop this plugin and try something else.

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  • I’ve answered this on Buddypress’s website a while back, what I’ve noticed happening is accounts being activated, not actually being registered.

    What I do is usually run through the tables that store registrations and just delete folks older than a few days old. But I had the same issue after I developed the plugin myself, and once I purged the (and to my surprise) millions of pending registrations, all “new users” completely stopped.

    Keep in mind if someone registered a year ago, and clicks the activation link today it will appear even though they just registered.

    To subvert people from creating accounts and then spamming blogs I’ve updated the plugin to force (at the admin’s option) all users to submit to the CAPTCHA test even when creating blogs (after signup). I have not had one successful blog registration since a week ago when I started rigorously testing the changes on my testbed site.

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