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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m developing a website that has to be multilingual (2 languages-English and German).

    It’s a complete website with static pages and a blog page (called blog).
    The default language is English and with WPML installed and activated, I can see a links to add the corresponding page in the other language(German).
    I’m using atahualpa 2.81 theme.

    The point is: In my static pages, there’s a left navigation comprising subpages of the main page. I also used custom fields to add additionally dynamic information to the these static pages, so much so that when a subpage in the left navigation is clicked, the corresponding content is displayed in the middle column and also the corresponding custom field value is displayed.

    My worry is therefore this:

    -With WPML, I only see a link to add a new corresponding page, meaning I have to do double work for each of these pages. I don’t just want to imagine what this might cost me in time and energy if I have to restart the same thing for the numerous pages I have in my site.Besides, linking these pages up is not an easy task if I have to add new pages and sub pages.

    Please, could anybody there give me a helping hand on how to go about translating these static pages?
    I was thinking of something like WPML providing different fields for the different languages so that the values of the fields(content fields and custom fields) change based on the language choice of the user.
    That way, there’s just a single page but containing multi-lingual content.

    Please I need help.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • I saw this post in our forum, and couldn’t understand it there as well.

    If you could refer to some example that shows what you’re trying to achieve, it would probably help people reply.

    Maybe put up this site somewhere (in one language) and use that to explain.

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘static page’ and what additional functionality you’re referring to.

    WP has pages, posts and will have custom types, but I’ve never heard of a static page.

    a page in wordpress is by definition a static page, It may contain dynamic elements, it may even be assembled dynamically, but the core content of the page (some would argue whether that is the template or the text (and whether the text is text, or shortcodes calling text dynamically)) is static.

    It could also be that the OP is calling fixed content html/xhtml or even php pages into his “static” pages via iframes or php includes.

    Sorry Amir, but I think you’re being deliberately evasive on that call. I’ve seen you do this regularly when someone gives a long and detailed explanation of their problem (including to me in the WPML forums).

    Remember the more detail a user gives, the more they will have spent on trying to fix it themselves, before calling for your help.
    Allow them the recognition of that instead of brushing them aside with a “don’t understand / won’t fix” statement.

    That’s being a pretty much problem, and so easy to understand:

    We have three pages “About”, “Services” and “Fees”, for example.

    Our front page is “About”. So “About” is “”. Any click in “About” or link referred to “About”, gives “”.

    Our “About” page translation (spanish) is “Nosotros”. Any click in “Nosotros” or link referred to “Nosotros”, gives “” and no “”.

    I would be so glad if someone could suggest me any solution. Thanks.

    Do you have a link to share where we can see this problem?

    What you’re describing is pretty basic functionality and I haven’t seen it not working before.

    Hi there

    This sounds a bit like a similar problem I have

    I have set up a website in two languages using the WPML plugin.
    The default language is Icelandic, the second language English.
    For each language I would like to show a static page.

    The static page runs a javascript to show pictures with mouseover and links.

    The pictures and links are different depending on the language.

    In other words, if you are on the static page for the Icelandic language you should run a javascript which will show different pictures and links than if you are visiting the static page for the English language in which case both the pictures and links are different.

    What I did:

    I created two new templates and added them to the theme. One for the Icelandic and one for the English version. Each template had different links and javascript pointing to different versions of pictures.

    Now I created a static page in Icelandic (default language) from the Icelandic template and then went on to translate it (using WPML) to create the English version of the static page …but only to find that I couldn’t use the English template, was stuck with the Icelandic template

    It seems I cannot move the content (javascript etc) from the template into the Post itself so I am kind of stuck.

    So I guess my first question would be:

    Is there any way I could choose a different template for the WPML translation of a static page?

    I hope this is clear enough :O)
    Would appreciate any feedback.
    The website is here:

    Should note:
    I am using WordPress 3.0.1, WPML
    The Icelandic version is here:
    The English version is here:

    Would be most grateful for your help :O)

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