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  • The number of queries is something to watch. I just had to disable the plugin as the number of queries exploded from ca. 70 to more than 1100 per page, which is absolutely unacceptable for a busy site even when using caching.

    See for more about this.

    I am the author of the thread you mentioned on wpml forums…I bought a paid support token, and Amir analyzed the log from debug queries, saing that it was a problem of their internal caching.
    It is going to get fixed in the next release 🙂


    I am now considering separate WP installations (only 2 languages) and link back and forth. Want to use the custom fields of WP to set the links. That way I should be able to achieve a similar implementation with a language switch if a translation of a post is available.

    Yeah of course,
    The only thing which is really annoyng with this solution is that if, for example, you are managing a shop, you have to manage two separate order tables, two separate inventories ecc…

    Hi harald & chickenrun,
    I’m also using only 2 languages so would you mind offering some advice? Right off the bat, this is my first and only WP site or site of any kind. Not at all experienced but a fast learner.
    Would multisite be suitable for this?
    I’m not managing anything like a shop, just a (rather static) page (
    Harald, did separate installations work for you? Would it be advisable for a novice to steer clear of that option, or is it manageable without php/mysql knowledge?
    Thanks for any input you can offer,

    Hi jsac,
    I’m far from being a wordpress guru, but in my small experience, creating a double installation for managing a small site in two language is a little bit too much. Also the multisite option is not the best choice (well, not so complicated but still, not every hosting company gives support for multisite, eg. bluhost as far as i know).

    IMHO, you can go with wpml, I think you’ll have no trouble using it for your project.


    I sincerely appreciate your input, enrico.
    all the best,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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