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  • Hi,

    I have a site which I would like to make it multilingual. WPML seems to be a stable, fair and concise solution for that. The other would be to make a copy of the entire site to a different subdomain which will serve the other language. I have the following issues:

    1.I’m using Subscribe2 plugin, for email notification after a post is published. This means that if I use wpml, all users, will be notified for every post I publish, regardless of the language. The reasons for that is that the users do not have a language identifier, and even if they had, Subscribe2 ignores the language identifier of each user.
    2.I want to show specific widgets for different languages. One way is to use different areas for each language. This solution seems to be quite fair.

    The 1st issue is the most important for not using wpml and go to the solution I said before, i.e. use a different subdomain. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Plugin Author Amir Helzer


    The author of Subscribe2 is working with us to make his plugin language-aware. I’m not quite sure on the status, but it should be close to ready.

    If the widget-logic plugin supports PHP, you can use WPML’s language constants to make widgets appear in the right language.

    Even if they make it work with wpml, there are some other modules that do not. For instance I use also the Facebook connector, and I would like to sent each post to different facebook/twiter accounts according to its language.

    What do you mean if the widget-login plugin supports PHP? I had a problem translating the title of a plugin I used, i.e. Tabbed Widgets.

    Thanks again for your reply…

    What’s the status on this ? Is there any alternative ?


    I don’t think there is. I think that this plugin is only useful in simple situations, like translating your posts to different languages. Otherwise the best solution is to have a totally different database.

    Thanks for your answer, have you tried this plugin : ?

    or another translation manager plugin for wordpress ?

    The best translation manger plugin for wordpress is according to my opinion wpml. It seems to be well written, but it’s only for basic things, i.e. translating your posts from one language to another, and that’s it.

    I think the best choice is to have a totally new database without overloading your system with extra plugins.

    For newsletter campaigns I prefer more professional solutions, which however most of the times cost a lot. Though, is one of the best email marketing manager and moreover it’s free for the first 2000 users and newsletters once per day. There are also a plugin for wordpress, but mailchimp gives you the code you would need in order to include it in your site

    Thanks for you advice. I did some research on my own and I’m going to have a look at qtranslate and this plugin If you look at this plugin’s features they are compatible with qtranslate !

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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