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  • To begin, I love wpMandrill! It has been an awesome addition to my WP multisite.

    I use a plugin that uses PHPMailer and wp_mail to send some of it’s transactional emails (BuddyPress Group Email Subscription). The wp_mail emails are working great. Will wpMandrill process PHPMailer emails? If not, is it possible?


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  • Plugin Author MC_Will



    Out of the box, it probably won’t fail, but it won’t use wpMandrill either. PHpMailer can use Mandrill, the platform, but PHPMailer has to be configured to use your the SMTP settings of your Mandrill account.

    I’d recommend you to take a look at this article:

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I have the same problem and posted a question in that plugin’s support.

    I was told BuddyPress Group Email Subscription uses wp_mail() to send out the emails. If that is the case, wouldn’t wpMandrill automatically catch those?

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Yes… unless:

    1) There’s another plugin catching the call first.
    2) The plugin finds any error while sending the email in which case it sends the email through the original wp_mail function.

    If you enabled WP_DEBUG in your wp_config you should be able to find some meaningful logs for wpMandrill. Whether it sends the emails throught Mandrill or not. If you got nothing, wpMandrill didn’t handle the email delivery (so point 1 is true).

    After looking at the code for BuddyPress Group Email Subscription, it looks like the digest emails that are set up are actually using PHPMailer directly:

    // Send!
    $result = @$phpmailer->Send();

    All other emails sent through that pluging appear to go through wp_mail() – particularly the instant notifications that people may subscribe to. I am assuming that is where the issue is. It would appear the only way to get this to work is by having the BuddyPress Group Email Subscription author modify the digest emails to be sent through wp_mail() as well.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Good catch.

    However, PHPMailer could work with Mandrill, via SMTP. You won’t have the flexibility of wpMandrill out-of-the-box though (templates, tags, filters).

    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription just updated and now all email goes through wp mail. The problem now is that the emails look bad.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    What you mean by bad?

    Probably you might need to use a template (or at the very least to activate the LF-to-BR switch of the plugin).

    I have both of those features activated already. I think it is because the group email is in HTML and wp mandrill strips that HTML. Could that be it?

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    The only way wpMandrill modify your content is when you activate the NL-to-BR switch.

    As the comment beside it states, this switch should only be activated if you are using text-only emails. If you are using HTML it will insert BR tags in your HTML.

    if you are sending a mix of text-oly and HTML emails from your installation, you will need to 1) Deactivate the aforementioned switch, and 2) Use the wordpress filter provided by the plugin to decide which emails must be parsed and which not.

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