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  • Hi,

    We’ve rolled this into production to replace the system we had been using (we were sending via Google Apps FYI) on a site with 11,000 WP users.

    We’ve had issues of being spam filtered in the past, which we’d like to manage using a tool, such as this, and also being able to track hard and soft bounces (and deal with user accounts accordingly!) is something we’d like Mandrill to do.

    Issues at present:

    1) I believe we’re being spam filtered for some messages. In fact, some system messages (not all) are being spam filtered by my own admin email address, which uses Gmail (Goole Apps for business) – despite me repeatedly saying “allow messages like these” and etc.

    2) Some messages from custom plugins we have built / developed aren’t sending using Mandrill (and are therefore not sending at all). These mails use the native wp-mail function, so its not clear why it ain’t working?

    I’d be interested in helping you get this plugged in more powerfully. For example, automatically handling users who have hard bounces on signup programatically (cutting out spam accounts, for example) would be a great feature for us and save us culling dormant inactive accounts each month (which is what we do at present).

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  • Hey @robscott,

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your post here.

    We’ll probably need a bit more information to help fully answer the questions/concerns you’ve got.

    When you say system messages are being spam filtered – are these being sent through Mandrill or via another system right now? If you’re sending ‘from’ and ‘to’ the same address, or even the same domain, if that’s going through a third-party server, it could cause an issue with some spam filters and firewalls – it looks a bit strange when it should be coming from a server but that server knows it didn’t send the message. Can you give us more information, though? Feel free to start a ticket at on this point and we can get some account-specific information to help get some additional information.

    As for why the plugins aren’t working, can you check the wpMandrill error logs? If something goes wrong with the plugin being able to send a message, you should be able to get some information from the logs to trace what might be happening.

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