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    For some reason, this plugin doesn’t catch email sent through Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms works fine with the Configure SMTP plugin activated and going through MandrillApp. Gravity Forms uses a function to send email, with this at the end to return:

    $result = wp_mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments);

    Is it because of how this is handled that it is not going through wpMandrill? Any way to get these two plugins working together?

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  • I tried replacing wp_mail in this function, so it looks like this:

    $result = wpMandrill::mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers, $attachments);

    That didn’t work; never got the email (nor any errors, so not sure where the email went).

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Hello Matt,

    I just tested wpMandrill on a vanilla wp installation and GravityForm worked fine for me.

    You can set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp_config.php file and see if you find something useful in your logs.

    It could be a bug I recently found and that haven’t pushed the fix yet. If you send more than one attachment in an email, it will fail.

    This will be fixed in 1.13.

    Remember that whenever wpMandrill fails to send the email, it silently defaults to the native wp_mail function. It leaves a message in the log, though.

    It leaves a message in the log, though.

    What log can I find this in?

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Here’s a nice article about logs. Basically, it depends on how your server is configured:

    I was thinking you were dumping to a different log – I get error_log in my main public_html folder and also in each plugin’s directory at times. I am not getting any error_log entries related to this issue.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Did you set WP_DEBUG to true in your wp_config file?

    This is what I get:

    [12-Jul-2012 15:12:14]
    wpMandrill::sendEmail: Exception Caught => The domain of the email you provided has not been verified by Mandrill.

    This is strange, because wpMandrill sends out all mail successfully with the exception of the Gravity Forms mail.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Uhmm… Please, make sure that the domain of the email address you are using as FROM_EMAIL and REPLY-TO in GF are listed as valid outgoing domains in your Mandrill account.

    Yeah, that was what I just figured out… I was trying to use the from address of the sender, which was then getting rejected by Mandrill. When I use the from address from my domain (but keep the FROM name of the sender and just adjust the reply to address) all is well. When I got to looking at that error message, everything clicked.

    Thanks for the help!!!

    BTW – Changing the REPLY-TO in the form notification settings to the submitter’s email address works fine.

    Plugin Author MC_Will


    Excellent! Glad it worked!

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