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  • richlondon


    Lack of multisite support is a deal breaker at the moment….

    However what I am intrigued by, is if it handles emails sent by plugins.

    I use subscribe 2 for notifying users of new posts
    Contact form 7 for my forms
    Events manager
    SB Welcome Email editor for controlling the welcome email

    So can you style all emails and report back on them through mandrill??

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  • Plugin Author MC_Will


    This plugin works in WordPress Multisite. Network-activate it and then enter your credential on each site.

    If those plugins use the standard wp_mail function to send emails, and none of your other plugins are already extending that function, wpMandrill will work.

    Regarding styling, you can send your own HTML/CSS (you are probably doing this already) or you can use one of your Mandrill Templates.



    Can confirm that wpMandrill does not work with Contact Form 7 using the API on a couple of our setups (which are relatively vanilla).

    It does, however, work sending via SMTP using Configure SMTP plugin to enter the Mandrill SMTP credentials, so this looks like a plugin incompatibility.

    Without having dug around too deeply (we got the functionality we wanted – a working email form offloaded to Mandrill), I think this signals that Contact Form 7 + wpMandrillplugins won’t play together via the API method without some more advanced configurating.



    “relatively vanilla” is a new low for me…

    Plugin Author MC_Will



    I can confirm that it does work with CF7. What could be happening is that you are using an invalid FROM email address in your email template. Invalid for Mandrill, that is.

    For security reasons, any email sent through wpMandrill should be sent from a valid “outbound domain”. If you are using something like “[your-name] <[your-email]>” as your From: field in your CF7 forms, any email sent from a domain not added to your Mandrill account will fail (asuming your-name and your-email as the CF7 variables that holds your visitor’s data).

    You have two options to make it work:

    1) The easiest way: To modify your CF7 email template by adding an “additional header” to your CF7 template: “Reply-To: [your-email]” and change the From: field to your own email address. You will probably want to add something like “[your-name] wrote:” in the body of the template so you could know the name of the sender.

    2) Leave your template as is and use the mandrill_payload filter to make the Reply-To field to point to your visitor’s email address and then set the From: field to your regular, valid email address.

    Something like this:

    function mandrill_add_reply_to($message) {
        $message['headers']['Reply-To'] = $message['from_email'];
        $message['from_name'] = 'Your Name';
        $message['from_email']= '';
        return $message;

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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