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  • Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    Hi, please try to deactivate WP Socializer, and try again. And give Feedback if it is working.

    I was just about to write that the plus1 doesn’t work either. but if i deactivate WP socializer the plus one works but the facebook likes still do not

    also i don’t see the post on facebook

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    You have also activated the facebook plugin?

    yes its activated

    should i put something in Open Graph Settings? I don’t have that filled out

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    Please deactivate the facebook plugin for testing. There are conflicts between the plugins I think.

    still not working


    I got this working by deactivating Viral Download plugin, but there are still a few of problems.

    1. when you hit like, the download link displays over the dialog box. someone could just download without ever completing the like.

    2. Option to close box without liking. Is there a way to remove that Close button? Anyone can just click like and close before ever completing the process and still be able to download 🙁

    3. No thumbnail shows up on facebook like. If you plus one the full description shows as well as the thumbnail. With facebook there is no thumbnail and the facebook post lacks any details and is truncated to only a portion of the title.

    Please see example images

    Plugin Author Markus Drubba


    1: thats an issue in your styles, it is not required to make a comment on that like, the like is still sending to facebook

    2: see 1:

    3: this is an issue with your social graph settings

    i’m sorry i don’t understand what you mean by that

    please help me. i don’t know what you mean it’s defined by my styles. What styles are you referring to? the styles in the plugin? My site style sheet?

    1. The download link is appearing on top of the facebook post! If i change the size of “The width of the button in pixels” then it drops down Below the box but is still visible before “liking”

    2. I am not sure how styles could be defining the facebook box.

    3. Social graph settings? i don’t know what that is or even where to go to fix it.

    Please i really need some help that is not so vague. I have no idea where to go to even try to fix this. Can you give me a more detailed response?

    This is working fine with Google +, seems to work best with twitter but is extremely buggy with facebook.

    We’ve got the same problem WeddingAlbumCafe. He’s not getting it. I got my plugin working by disabling facebook traffic pop plugin but like she says:
    if someone clicks the like button, before they actually click the share button to confirm the like and post on their wall, the supposedly hidden link is already displayed. All someone has to do is hit the like button, the link is then displayed in the background, so all they have to do is close the dialog box without confirming the like. Then just click the link.

    The link shouldn’t be displayed until after they’ve actually shared the link on their wall. Can we get a fix?

    But I see now what drumba is saying. Even if they click the close button without clicking the “Post to Facebook” button it still counts as a like on their facebook page. Unless of course they unlike it right after they get the download link.

    well the problem i have is that even if they click like yes it will appear on their page but with very limited information. the only way it will show the description and thumbnail is if they actually leave a comment. i doubt a post is going to go viral with just some random text and a link.

    so i am going to contact WPMU Dev and get some info about their pay with a like plugin. This could be a nice plugin but i guess drumba doesn’t want to be bothered with problems anymore

    it’s kind of a bummer a person can just unlike the post after getting the content 🙁 not sure why that feature is even in there.

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