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  • Very cool! Ive be looking for this functionality for a long time. A couple of whishes:
    – Ability to use posts or custom posts as projects with custom fields driving the start/end values.
    – Drag in the chart to pan
    – Zoom in/out with mouse wheel
    – Auto-pan to current date instead of of month when the chart is loaded (maybe as a setting)


    Bonsak can you explain as you’d like to have the plugin working in posts or custom posts type?

    what do you mean drag?

    Auto pan can be added, I’ll do in the next release.

    I meant “click and drag” to pan 🙂

    I was thinking that it would be great if the plugin had a back-end interface where you could specify data sources for the Gantt chart.
    A basic implementation could be to let the user choose a custom_post type (e.g. ‘Projects’) as data source for the Gantt chart. The user could also select which fields (or custom fields) to use for Start-date and End-date of the Gantt bars.



    First let me say I like the plugin a lot. Would love to see date custom fields to be chosen by the user and default by the admin. So we can show the chart in month view without editing the code. Like here:

    On that note I would love to see linkable titles and other color options as well. Maybe groups. lol I know thats a lot. Other features like these here would be nice too:

    My test:

    Just saw that link titles on the left side is easy. Just need to put html code in label input field. But doesn’t seem to work 100%. Kind of strange.

    Can you tell me how to use links in the titles and class css fields. I noticed there is some like:

    .gantt-block.important {
    background: #b58900; }

    .gantt-block.urgent {

    But I don’t know how to implement them.

    never mind about class styles. Just saw it. I must be blind lol. But yeah still haven’t figured out links for labels. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Sorry got one more idea or question. Is it possible to include support for more than one gantt chart per page/post?

    Tried it and didn’t work for me. Thanks.

    @bonsak I’m not sure how relevant this is to what you want, but click and drag can be easily implemented by adding the following style to your stylesheet:

    .gantt section {
    width: ‘insert width here’;
    overflow-x: scroll;

    This keeps the leftmost column fixed in place, while allowing the section that shows dates and such to be scrolled through horizontally.

    I have a question: where is the information about each gantt chart stored. I’ve had a look in the wordpress tables but can’t find anything there.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    Nevermind, I managed to track it down in the options table.

    Just to be more organized. Here are questions/ideas:

    1. Custom Date Fields. Allow for Month or Year view for long term projects.Start-date and End-date of the Gantt bars
    2. Labels with links. I think this is already enabled but can’t seem to make it work. Imputing HMTL links will sort of work but won’t. Documentation on this would be very appreciated.
    3. Support for more than one gantt chart per page/post. Tested and doesn’t work.
    4. Custom chart size without the use of other css would be nice to see as well.
    5. Chart option to start with current date instead of 1st of month.
    6. Drag chart to pan(seems to be fixed by adding css but an easier off and on button in plugin settings would be nice.
    7. Data source selection seems nice.
    8. More styles activated by default. Would be nice for things to be indented or bold or have different background colors. Maybe a custom css box for entry fields to make things simpler and less modification to source css.

    Test chart:

    yuo have 3 type options (you can see them in the plugin file:
    *Options name

    wpit_gantt_num (unique) is a numerator to have the id for each gantt
    wpit_gantt_title-(id) (one for each gantt) this is the title data for the gantt
    wpit_gantt-(id) (one for each gantt) this is for the details of the gantt

    akridgeblue thanx for the to do list 🙂

    We’ll work on that 🙂


    akridgeblue thanx for the to do list 🙂

    We’ll work on that 🙂


    Oh no problem. Yeah with working and trying the plugin and adding comments it was getting a little messy to see suggestions. And of course I just thought of something else lol.

    Another nice thing I would love to see is the option to add more than one set of dates per entry. Currently there is Label,Start date, End date, and class. If there could be more than one start and end date per label that would be amazing.

    Right now I’m using a blank entry as a title and then using other entries with an indent to identify it as part of a group. But having them all on one label entry would be nice and I could bypass that stuff. Then having the option for names/custom info on bars instead of number of days would complete the system.

    Can’t wait to see your next version of the plugin. Good luck.

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