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  • Resolved Abel Braaksma


    This was first mentioned in a post about blank WPide screens having no file manager.

    When in Opera, the following happens: try to type for instance “echo(‘hello world’)”, the context-sensitive helper popup for “echo()” pops up in the top-right of the editor window and stays there, even when you close and reopen the file, or open another file, hiding the part you were actually typing.

    When in Firefox, whenever you type a character, all characters typed so far are also echoed in the editor. So, if you type “ABC” you see “ABCDABCABA” in the editor. When you save it, the text “ABCDABCABA” will be saved. Note also, that the blinking cursor remains on the spot where you first started typing (in the example before the first “A”) but the characters are inserted at the end of the string that you are inserting.

    Also, in Firefox, the context sensitive popup is about one millimeter wide, has a scroll-bar, and doesn’t disappear anymore, not even when you open another file.

    In Internet Explorer and in Chrome, it seems that both the context-sensitive popups and the typing works normally.

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  • Hmm, the Edit-button doesn’t work, so I add it here. In Opera , the strange double copying of characters appears there as well. When I ignored the popup hiding my text and just typed echo('bla'); this is what it showed (and saved when I clicked Save):


    In Opera this only happens when the keyword is found and a popup occurs (which doesn’t go away). When you type “abcdefghijklm” the string is copied correctly to the editor.

    On a side note: Ctrl-C doesn’t work (nor does right-click > copy), making it hard to create posts like this.

    Your posts are getting caught in the SPAM queue. I’ve manually released some. THe other thread appeared to be a dupe of this one, so I”ve deleted it.

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    Hi metacarpus,

    Once again, thanks for your input. I’ve just uploaded version 2.0.8 of WPide which I think should fix those cross browser issues.


    • Popup position Opera –> resolved
    • Popup staying on top OP/FF –> resolved
    • Popup too small Firefox –> resolved
    • Characters doubling Firefox –> resolved
    • Keywords messing up characters Opera –> resolved

    Excellent work! Seems to work fine now in Opera, Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, Internet Eplorer. I didn’t test Safari.

    I might become an avid user of your nifty plugin ;).

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    Yes seems to work ok now in all browsers, Chrome performing best for me, much more responsive than the others with autocomplete etc.

    The plugin still needs a lot of work but I think it’s getting there with the basics.

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