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  • hi there,

    I looked recently at a couple of autoblogging plugins, and I really like this one – after having looked now at a number of similar plugins, I have a couple of related suggestions which you may want to consider for future versions, because they may be really useful.

    So this is just intended to be feedback, maybe other users agree with some of these suggestions:

    – it would be great if you could expose the curl TIMEOUT variable, so that it can be customized accordingly

    – provide support for specifying a normal web page for retrieving all listed RSS/ATOM feeds (i.e. parsing X/HTML) and simply viewing/selecting feeds that way

    – provide more support for managing campaigns, i.e. by moving feeds to a different campaign, but also for prioritizing individual campaigns and feeds

    – in addition, it would be great if the pinging/talkback behavior could be customized for each campaign – preferably by leveraging one of the well-established pinging/talkback plugins for this, so that wpematico only uses a custom configuration for each campaign and then uses another plugin for the implementation.

    – option to fetch all articles from a feed, but using incremental publishing – i.e. xx posts per day/week/month (rather than immediately), using wp-cron

    – option to use the article’s date for saving postings

    – sometimes, people may only be interested in fetching a feed for initial content generation (e.g. outdated/old or abandoned blogs), so these feeds don’t necessarily need to be pulled each time – maybe provide a check box for just doing that?

    – having an option to flag postings as draft that contain fetched URLs and/or keywords would also be very useful – so that certain URLs/keywords don’t automatically show up.

    – similarly, having a way to parse feeds for certain keywords, so that postings are only included if they contain certain keywords would also be very useful.

    – support for article size “threshold”, i.e. only use articles of a configurable size (words/kilobyte)

    – option to randomize authors for submissions, based on a list of authors

    – option to randomize cron times (based on xx times per day/week/months, using random intervals) – so that postings don’t always show up at the same time

    – option to create new users based on the author field in the feed (supported by FeedWordPress)

    – feature to list status of all feeds in control panel, highlighting working and broken feeds

    – option to take over tags from RSS feeds (supported by FeedWordPress)

    – option to create new categories based on tagging for each RSS feed (supported by FeedWordPress)

    Integration with other plugins:

    – integration with a “featured post” plugin, so that postings also can become featured postings

    – integration with one of the more popular video blogging plugins, so that wpematico could provide the backend for parsing feeds and channels, and then create video posts

    Please do let me know if there is a more appropriate place for posting this type of feedback!

    Thank you very much

    – woccax

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