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  • I would like to see the option for Post title links to source? rewritten to look more like:

    Post title links to source []?
    Post internal attribution link to source []?

    You can check either both or one, and if you checked the latter, a link similar to the post title would appear as an attribution link within the post itself.

    The advantage to the latter is if someone clicked your post title from your RSS feed or from the “recent posts” widget, instead being taken off of your site immediately they would get a chance to read the article on your site and then if they choose be able to leave your site.

    I’ve noticed that having post titles being links to their external sources causes extreme drop off or bounce rates because readers are sent flying from your site 99 times out 100 against their will. This in turn after enough times causes them to not come back ever, provided they weren’t turned off in the first place by being sent away so fast.

    So, yes, I’d like an option to make the source link be an internal attribution link vs the post title being that. Although, having both options might be advantageous for someone, which is why i recommend just adding the new feature.

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