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  • First off let me tell you, this plugin beats the socks off of Cyber-Syndication and WordPressFeed. Be warned however as a huge bug report follows. Everyone else do not let my bug report scare you, instead read it so you can understand how to use WPeMatico better. The bug report will explain things to you.

    – Al (

    First thing, you need a short tutorial, I was unclear by what you meant by “campaigns”, until I started trying it out and checked on the results. In short it should be made clear that campaigns are a way of grouping your feeds, it does not aggregate all the feeds you put into each campaign into 1 single post. Each feed will pull whatever posts you set for the campaign. Had I known that I could have saved 2 hours of my life.

    Second thing, after you’ve entered a whole bunch feeds and hit “save”, if you forget to do the “check all feeds” step and one of the feeds throws an error, the plugin gives a red box saying “go back” to allow you to take care of the problem … problem is, you can’t go back, so if you entered like 20 feeds, you’ll have enter 20 feeds again. Then remember to do “check all feeds” and nuke/delete the feed that is marked as failed.

    3rd, when a campaign is being created for the first time, there is no option to delete an erroneous or extraneous feed without deleting the line of text representing the feed. You can do this easily with the delete link after the campaign has been saved, but not during campaign creation.

    4th, the global settings section should include options for everything but actual feeds, I think it is wholly unnecessary to have to remember to click “activate feed”, and click “source the feed”, and adjust the number of postings, and set the template and rewrite rules I like and finally set the cron settings. Also default categories. I should be able to set these globally and then if I have a feed that has different requirements I can make those adjustments. I appreciate the various save options, but again, I like the idea of having global settings.

    5th, I shouldn’t have to understand cron to be able to schedule my feeds/auto postings. Yes, and thank you for providing a link to wikipedia describing what cron is, that is most helpful. However, there should be a simpler mechanism for me to set my cron and then that interface can convert to necessary cron parameters on the back side. It might be advantageous to have global setting for advanced and n00bie cron, where advanced is the way it is now and n00bie more windows scheduler style.

    6th, this is a huge bug, but it is not a show stopper, in fact none of the bugs I’m reporting are show stoppers, however this one is the most annoying, after the campaigns have been activated they will pull and post as requested to do, however, on the campaigns screen, the # of posts will not update, the time run will not update and the time for next run will not update. The only time any of those 3 fields update is when you choose “run now”. However, you can see clearly, that they are running from the number of awesome posts showing up in your blog.

    7th, A minor bug to say the least, but also a clear indicator that the feed is running or has run, when you hover over the feed, you get a fairly long menu with lots of options if the feed has not run yet. However, after the feed has run, you won’t know this unless you know what to look for see bug #6, the menu changes to one entry “clear”. All this appears to do is reset the menu back to the other longer menu, it is unclear what “clear” actually does. Also, when clear is active, you can directly click the feed name to “edit it”, that is a nice caveat to know.

    I have subscribed to this via email, so please respond if you require more information, screen shots or a screen cast explaining everything in detail. Looking forward to the next version! 🙂

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